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Palazzo Serbelloni, showroom Stuart Weitzman , corte interna
corso venezia, 16

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April 2017

AMAZING CLICHE 'is a design theme-based route, by Architect Graziana Calabrese, who extremes trends, it explores the sense and makes them original and irreverent.

Irreverent and sarcastic journey into the clichés of contemporary design

Palazzo Serbelloni, Milan, 4th-9th April, 9am to 19.30pm

 AMAZING CLICHE’ is a journey into design, realised by Architect Graziana Calabrese, who takes trends to extremes, goes into the depth of their meanings and makes them unique and irreverent.

During Salone del Mobile, in Milan from 4th to 9th April 2017, Stuart Weitzman’s showroom hosts for the first time an installation in Palazzo Serbelloni, driving design lovers through the scenarios of an eccentric and innovative visit.

In this new context, design doesn’t aesthetically end in itself and it is not intended for elites only, as an ordinary representation of the contemporary trends. Design is approached making these trends personal, intimate, deconstructing them from the inside.


In a time when many contemporary designers tend to repeat the same standards of interior design without giving them any specific character, but mainly offering a light variation on the same trends, Amazing cliché analyses, deconstructs and reinvents these same trends, putting them together in a context revived by the contrast of micro and maxi, strong colours and textures.

The journey is organised in 6 themed areas: Reflection, Roots, Eclecticism, Geometries and textures, Chinoiserie, Veganism and sustainability.


The cornerstone of this historical space, with antique vaults and columns, is the ‘reflection’ on the theme, intended in a metaphorical way and represented by mirrors and glasses which reflect rugs with colourful spots.

Next step is into the ‘roots’, foundation and nourishment of everything, represented by a majestic art deco table in root wood, that has now re-emerged in contemporary art. The set up is enriched by big fluctuating red flowers, handmade in faux leather.

The third zone expresses the eclectic style, a trend strengthened through the years. The scenario is made unique putting together historical pieces from the 20s to the 80s, accentuated by graphics that deconstruct the cinematographic icons of the past years.

The fourth area matches furniture with geometrical design, textured fabrics and optical wall papers, the final result being a funny world of colours and shapes.

The fifth area is a mix of black and white, with a touch of ruby red and the essence of asian lands, with a reference to chinoiserie. Furniture is set in a room with white fabric walls and handmade black wireframe drawings.

The last stop of the journey is actually right behind the first room, and represents the idea of sustainability with a vegan ‘pop-table’. The mise en place is alive, and from the plates sprout zoomorphic shapes, while the walls are covered in a vertical green.

The Architect Graziana Calabrese has personally selected and assembled the enthusiasm of various artisans, artists, local businesses, who have been able to express, with their ability, these themes in the style and language displayed at the exhibition.

The installation is completed by giant drawings, photomontage of icons of the past, maxi colourful decorations, furnitures in natural iron handmade by Metallifilati, handmade rugs from Artep, upholstery realised by Italpoltrone, lamps and laterns made by Italamp, furniture from the 20s to the 50s selected by private collectors.

Elegance and irreverence, style and sarcasm, create the perfect armony of Amazing cliche, because stereotypes can really be resounding when made unique.


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Graziana Calabrese


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