Caracallatouch and its innovative lines: Massage and Skin, including cocktails, DJ sets and themed drinks.


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April 2017

Caracalla Touch - The Santucci Group marble: art, health and environmental sustainability

A marble massaging, a marble to touch, a marble to admire. Two lines that provide an experience and make it more attractive thanks to the precious material processing techniques to a new and unprecedented resilience. Santucci Group arrives at the Fuorisalone Design Week, transforming the elegant lounge bar Quantic in Via Larga 8, a short walk from the Duomo, the meeting point of the Milanese nightlife, in the venue to present the new brand Caracallatouch (www.caracallatouch.com).   Everything stems from a recent vision of Santucci Group, a leader in the stone industry, which has decided to give new life to the material that until recently ', not being large, could not be used. Marble prized thanks to the concept of recovery and innovative techniques gives greater value to the new design line.   The lines presented during the week of the Milan Furniture Fair will Massage and Skin. Massage, for a marble from corrugated shape, that gives wellbeing to contact with the foot, giving the perception of a real massage. Skins, a design processing, which makes the skin soft and pleasant to the touch surface.   Caracallatouch, wants to send a strong signal for the recovery and use of 360 ° by inserting a new line of stone mosaics. The mosaic lends itself to multiple interpretations and is an art form used since antiquity. For this Caracallatouch decided to break the mold by offering two works made with an ancient art form but from the current subjects, popular and social. So, with mosaic tiles, Francesco Santucci has designed and built a reproduction of the iPhone touch screen of the home page 7 with all the most popular app of social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) and the artist Corinna Natalia Forage devised the popular Darth Vader (Darth Vader in the original version), iconic character symbol of the Star Wars saga. " The works of Caracallatouch will be on display for the duration of the Milan Furniture Fair, April 4 to 9 from 15 to 2, in the halls of Quantic. But would not a round of Fuorisalone without a festive event that Santucci Group decided to organize for Friday, April 7, from 19 pm to 2 am, in the elegant premises in Via Larga 8. A party where wild on the notes of the selections, lounge during an aperitif with buffet and deep house then, by the talented dj Message. Will among the best of Quantic drink also a tribute to the brand, with a Caracallatouch cocktails created for the occasion.

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Caracalla Touch


Corinna Balloni
Francesco Santucci


Vanessa Ricci – +39 366.3799176 – mail: vanessaricci@hotmail.com

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Party / cocktail - Caracallatouch and its innovative lines
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