Livio Caiulo signed sculptures: an Italian tradition.

Livio Caiulo signed sculptures: an Italian tradition.

Also this year Studio Caiulo opens to the public. And the news will NOT be there!

. Because they disappear right away!

Hurry up: the sculpture workshop is known throughout Italy for the speed of creating ideas! Unthinkable objects are born here!

Do you have to make religious figurines, madonnas, gadgets, monsters, action figures? Or eyes, hands, arms, noses, ears. Anatomical parts? O miniatures! Or friezes for carriages! O funeral sculptures! Or, again, lamps, erotic scenes, designs, nativity scenes, dragons or architectural perspectives?

All alone and strictly by hand. From the drawing to the sculpture to the finished prototype and ready for mass production!

100% Made in Italy!

It is only from private initiative that the force of creative, original, creative and designing Italy is born. This is the success of the sculpture workshop; consistency over time, the realization of ideas, the quality of the models and the speed of execution. Hundreds of works have been created here, For decades now the study has become an Italian tradition of creative excellence!

 Classical yet modern artistic craftsmanship.

From the United States to Japan, creative production combines the Cad technology with the experimental classic technique and thus both new and original products and everyday objects are created.

Studio Caiulo has always understood this and for this reason continues to work alongside the best Italian companies.

The traditional creative offer to become innovative must be made in a workmanlike manner. This is the objective of the Firm: a continuous search to better construct the most disparate objects, but the work would not be so required if there had not been, for years, years and years of learning and artistic research.

Some emerging artists and collaborators of the studio will exhibit: Erick Macedo, Irene Vergara, Anna Desiderio and Ginevra Desiderio.

On April 12, from 17 onwards, it will be opened in conjunction with Giampiero Romano's Creazioni D'interni event in the same Via Rosolino Pilo, now known as "Creativity Street" or the Via degli Artisti in the historic Porta Venezia district.

We therefore hope for a revival of Italian culture in Italy and that many creatives can live on art and beauty like the collaborators of Studio Caiulo!

8 Monday
9 Tuesday
10 Wednesday
11 Thursday
12 Friday
14:30 - 23:30
Exhibition - Made in Italy sculptures and miniatures
13 Saturday
14 Sunday
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