Ondula in dialogue Post-Process

Flatwig Studio presents "Ondula", a collection of furnishings designed from corrugated metal sheet, an element commonly used for roof coverings. At Alcova Sassetti Ondula dialogues with Post-Process, a series of garments designed made from handwoven linen fabrics by Kristína Šipulová.

Presented at Alcova Sassetti, Ondula dialogues with garments of the collection  Post-Process  by Kristína Šipulová.

A series of furnishings, Ondula by Flatwig Studio, comes to life from corrugated metal sheets, an industrial material commonly used for roof coverings, to dialogue with a collection of garments, Post - Process by Kristína Šipulová, created from reused handwoven linen fabrics.

Flatwig Studio with a simple gesture curves the corrugated metal sheet to create a series of furnishings, a coffee table and a clothes stand, customizable in various finishings and colours.

 The carefully collected, handwoven linen textiles by Kristína Šipulová adorn Ondula with their unique character, at once garments and sculptural objects that offer an intimate space for the wearer.

The same principles and values give life to Ondula and Post - Process: in both projects the designers reinterpret existing elements to freely transform them into objects, furnishings and sustainable garments. In their dialogue Ondula and Post - Process return to dismissed materials and their origin, to reflect on the ways in which these may be transformed into sustainable elements for everyday life.


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Flatwig Studio

Brands: Flatwig Studio


Erica Agogliati
Francesca Avian
Kristína Šipulová

Designers: Erica AgogliatiFrancesca AvianKristína Šipulová


Flatwig Studio + Kristína Šipulová



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