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How Art and Design influence each other


Through the MANO PER MANO project, Gruppo Apolide collective of artists approaches Design from the perspective of Art, translating the social charge of common objects into an artistic sense, with the aim of voicing some of the many stories hidden behind these everyday objects, often missed during daily hustle and bustle.

Five young artists from Italy, Iran and Ecuador questioned the role that objects play in Western society, because today as never before, Art and Design have combined and merged their own characteristics and limits.

With this project the artists want to overcome the economic conception of objects to demonstrate the effective cultural and communicative value that the latter have in the material construction of society.

Some objects, endowed with a personal history, prove capable of overcoming the purpose for which they were invented and interacting directly with the personality of the individual who uses them.

The artistic project MANO PER MANO - How Art and Design influence each other, received the patronage of Milan Museo della Permanente and can be visited in the Isola district in Spaces - the Design Workspace - in via Pola 11, Thursday 11 from 6.30 pm to 8:30 pm.

A special thanks for the support of the designer JACOPO FOGGINI.



Brands: Spaces



Tags: Art


Curator: Sofia Baldi, sofia.baldi.it@gmail.com

Press: Elsa Finardi, +39 3490622177 | finelsa95@hotmail.com

8 Monday
9 Tuesday
10 Wednesday
11 Thursday
18:30 - 20:30
Meeting - Have you ever looked at a design object through the eyes of an artist? 5 emerging artists show what happens in Spaces - the design coworking.
12 Friday
13 Saturday
14 Sunday
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