a true designer bookshelf

The world of books and the world of design merge and interact within the premises of the publishing house.

The bookshelf—a natural repository of books by definition—now becomes the symbol of concepts brought to fruition, as well as the place to house volumes and, with them, the very structures of thought itself.

This synthesis of the material and the abstract lies at the heart of the idea developed by Alessandro Andrei and supported by Eric Ghysels: to fill our bookshelves with volumes that have stood out and continue to stand out through the conceptual originality that they themselves embody. These books are often unobtainable, little known, or perhaps still on the market, but vibrantly full of life, inventive design, and fresh approaches. They may be Italian but also from other countries, such as Art Deco France, for example. Some of these books have become a source of inspiration for those who seek in beauty and forms redolent of otherness and elsewhere a new impetus for their projects.

So, the bookshelf is the meeting point in the interplay between publishing and design, the fuse that once lit projects in unimagined directions.



We're happy to inform you that during the event our guests will be able to wear spectacles specially provided by Fassamano to ensure a stress-free and more pleasurable reading experience.


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