“ANAMORPHIX” is the title of the installation created by ArpaLab. FENIX nanotech materials, synthesis of technology and style, reveal their smart features through surprising points of view and multiple sensorial experiences, accompanying the visitors to the discovery of material experiences, made for new and future scenarios of interior design.


A composition of anamorphic geometric forms called ”Technology”, created by the Turinese art collective Truly Urban Artists, shows the structure of the FENIX nanotech surface as seen under the microscope demonstrating that materials are not the same, even if they look similar. If you take a closer look at the technical, esthetical, typological and performance aspects of the FENIX brand, you will understand how unique it is.


A preview of the new FENIX NTA® colours (Oro Cortez, Argento Dukat) together with Acciaio Hamilton is presented.


The exhibit itinerary “ANAMORPHIX” is completed with an interactive desk dedicated to the features and applications of the FENIX materials, and a selection moodboards: journey towards the material trends for 2020, focused on the esthetics of the new FENIX colours combined with marbles, stones, woods and metals.

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