Hedwig Bollhagen -The Spirit of Bauhaus 

HB-Werkstätten (HBW) will take over the Lorenzo Vatalaro Gallery in Brera Design District, presenting design ceramics from two of their new series, and a main focus on their elegant HB Ritz series!


Having emerged directly from the Bauhaus, HBW in Marwitz on the outskirts of Berlin is the only manufacturer that produces fine designer ceramics by reinterpreting original forms. Hedwig Bollhagen founded HBW in 1934, one year after the last Bauhaus enclave was forced to close by the National Socialists. Well-known figures of the Bauhaus movement found here a place where they could work and contribute to the renown and historical significance of the HBW.


It was this tradition of craftsmanship and elegant design that caught the eye of the Italian shoe designer Silvia Bertolaja. A passion for the Bauhaus has led her to use HBW creations as inspiration for a limited-edition collection of shoes, devoted entirely to Hedwig Bollhagen. It will be presented to the public for the first time during Brera Design Week.

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The Spirit of Bauhaus
Galleria Lorenzo Vatalaro
Piazza San Simplicano 7


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