“Share a chair” - reinterpreting Enzo Mari’s Sedia 1

Exhibition of furniture prototypes “Share a chair” - reinterpreting Enzo Mari’s Sedia 1, curated by Alfredo Häberli


Alfredo Häberli, a Swiss designer and mentor at Studio Industrial Design challenged the Master Studio students to define their own vision, their very point of view on design. The guidelines of a 12 points manifesto, had been shared with the students at the start of the workshop. 


Among the general lack of character and defined direction in the contemporary design, one personality differentiates themselves from the others – the iconic Italian designer – Enzo Mari. In 1974 Mari published Autoprogettazione, a milestone in contemporary design history in which he included Sedia 1 chair. 


Mari’s Sedia 1 chair served merely as the starting point for students’ designs. Mari’s very flamboyant personality and the revolutionary thought behind his design, were a true inspiration. The students embarked on a journey to reflect on their practice, production modes, materials, consumerism and most importantly on themselves. 


The objects presented at this exhibition evoke the timeless design questions. Is less more? Craft versus mass production? Does form follow function?



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18 - 22 April 2018 
10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Via Volta 13 - 20121 Milan

Workshop & Exhibition By Alfredo Häberli
Master Studio Design / Institute Industrial Design
Academy of Art and Design FHNW in Basel

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