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La Marzocco Temporary Café
Via Bigli 6

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April 2018

A pop-up office to discuss the design and flavor of workspaces for creativity and wellbeing.

How is the nature of work changing with the rise of flexible and healthy workspaces? How does food culture contribute to the new ways of working and how we connect with each other?

On April 18-19, WE Factory hosts a conversation for innovators, designers, architects, HR managers and work and food culture enthusiasts on some of the big questions around the future of workplace culture design, food, and community. Share ideas with our experts, take a “Food Check” of your workplace with WE Factory, or just take a break with an espresso from the buzzing Milan design event.

However you’d like to be involved, you’re welcome to participate in this multidisciplinary investigation of the ways we eat at work and the cultural spaces where we create.


Workplace Food Check with WE Factory, appointment only.

Wed-Thu, Apr 18-19, 10 AM- 3 PM

How does food relate to a company culture and values and what does it communicate internally and externally? By taking the speedy Workplace Food Check, we’ll map the areas in your workspace in which you serve the food, the type of food you offer and how teammates interact around it. It’ll be your intro to changing your workplace food culture. Reserve your spot.

Brewing Strong Work Culture. A Liquid Conversation.

Thu, Apr 19, 2-3 PM

Coffee is the quintessential workplace drink. It becomes an intangible social place for co-workers to take a break, refuel, and connect. What can coffee inform about a workplace and its culture? And how to design a work environment with coffee at the center? Join Veronica Fossa from WE Factory and Alex Gable from Accademia La Marzocco in a conversation about the liquid black gold and work culture.

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La Marzocco
WE Factory


Veronica Fossa


WE Factory is a workplace culture design consultancy founded by Veronica Fossa. It helps organizations improve food cultures that fuel creativity and wellbeing via sustainable, healthy, and ethical food programs, trainings, toolkits, and community events.

Info & press: hello@we-factory.co

RSVP: bit.ly/workplacecoffee18

Book your Workplace Food Check spot: http://bit.ly/WorkplaceFoodwVeronica

17 Tuesday
18 Wednesday
10:00 - 23:59
Meeting - Workplace Food Check with WE Factory, appointment only.
19 Thursday
00:00 - 15:00
Meeting - Workplace Food Check with WE Factory, appointment only.
14:00 - 15:00
Workshop - Brewing Strong Work Culture. A Liquid Conversation.
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