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April 2018

20 desserts created by 20 important designers. Produced by the renowned Pasticceria Martesana.

During Salone del Mobile 2018 (April 17-22), the city of Milan will be animated by hundreds of events and initiatives design related, calling a lot of peoples from every place in Europe: the Fuori Salone.  This year, is going to take place the first edition of Dgusto, initiative created by the design duo of Buzzo Lambertoni Design with the precious assistance of the writer and interior designer Jacopo Sgobba and thanks to the renowed patisserie Martesana Milano.

Dgusto – first edition

Dgusto is an initiative of the couple of designers Buzzo Lambertoni that, with the help of the renowed patisserie Martesana Milano, it aims to join two different worlds in a unique and special pastries production.

Designers* were asked to sketch a design of a dessert (fresh, praline or biscuit) without developing a recipe.

This path of research reveals that there are many ways of intend pastry and it shows how memories of childhood, throat whims, desires are decisive when determining a project and a physicality to a dessert that it still doesn’t exist. Consistencies, dimensions, shapes and colours witness that even a non-product, that has a nature so short and transitory, it allows creatives to research in this new design field.

We open a new scenario that licks the boundaries of product design and the most technical food design: a new and small area of designable. This sector, differently from others, is not too much explored yet from product designers and then has very little constraints and rules but it has the great feature of being dichotomous because it always borns from 4 hands, 2 of the designer, 2 of the pastry.

From April 17 to 22 2018, in occasion of Fuori Salone, at the 3 patisseries of Martesana Milano, it will be possible to see the results of this collaboration and taste some of them. The inaugural party, on invitation or reservation, will take place in the patisserie of Via Sarpi, and will be on April 16 4:00-9:00 pm.

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Sponsor: Cacao Berry – Hausbrandt – Bombonette - Parklab

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