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April 2018

Comics, artlamp, paintings and iron and marble sculptures exhibition

Milan, Piola District. On thursday April 19th, at the Studio d’Arte Bazzini 15, closing day with refreshment of the group exhibition titled Remember.
In this exhibition there is an emphasis on the intrinsic cohesion that exists between an artistic gesture and a memory.
A sugestive exhibition itinerary set up with comics, artlamp, paintings and iron and marble sculptures.

Are on display works of: Alessandra Bisi, Andrea Oliva, Andrea Polenghi, Carla Giulia Rescaldani, Davide Majorino, Eleonora Prado, Gabriella Magaldi, Josè Dilson Cavalcanti, Luciana Meazza, Lucio Forte, Marco Valla, Michele Penna, Patrizia Canola, Piero Lo Presti, Rosane Viegas, Serena Rossi, Silvana Spennati, Silvia Fiorido, Thia Path, Thiago Ribeiro e Yajaira Pirela.


From 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
Art Studio Bazzini 15, via Bazzini 15, Milan (MM2 PIOLA).
Free entry.

Critical text

According to the thought of the Italian poet Ugo Foscolo, art represents a chance to survive beyond the eternal nothingness in which man swoops in when his life span ends.
The soul of man is not immortal, but the actions he carries out can be, the marks he leaves can continue to live through other men.
With art lives the recollection of a past circumstance, of an historical period, of a life that no longer exists and so on.

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