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April 2018

/Attribution/ Exhibition of an arbitrary assignment. Van Gogh lands at Porto Di Mare in the first Mobile Box Gallery.

On 20 April 2018 Vincent van Gogh arrives in Porto di Mare. Not enough for 37 years and a feverish pilgrimage to be able to see Italy. Only thanks to the visionary creation of Piero 1/2Botta, this will be possible. Visitors to Ardaco will be able to see (a) Van Gogh, through what remains of him: a work. A rediscovered painting, shown for the first time to the public, by means of an unpublished exhibition device. Attribution Through the look the image is rehabilitated; the visual breakdown makes it possible to re-establish the work-author dialectic. It is an objective science based on reading data, with little chance of error. Disbelief is disrupted when the eye penetrates the surface of things. In this way the work, which has gone through time losing its identity, is returned to the present and to history. Not by miracle but by exact science, the Old sleeping spinner, in the uncertainty of an error, is revealed through attribution. For the first time in history, the attribution process is presented and translated into an artwork, reducing the boundary between historical research and artistic creation. The artist presents this creative process within a specially designed exhibition device. This is a portable structure made of cardboard designed to be able to easily display, in any place, works of all kinds. This container takes up, on a larger scale, the section of the chair represented in the painting, displayed inside it, since it is in the design of this that the attributing hypothesis is confirmed by its foundation.

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