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MINI Living-Built by All


via Tortona, 32

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April 2018




A democratic installation that responds to the challenges of contemporary metropolitan areas.

MINI presents a visionary living concept at Salone del Mobile 2018.

A ‘democratic’ architecture project that reinterprets contemporary urban life and provides a creative answer to the challenges faced by our metropolitan areas.

MINI, in collaboration with the London-based firm Studiomama, presents ‘MINI LIVING-BUILT BY ALL,’ a visionary installation displayed at Salone del Mobile 2018 responding to the challenges faced by contemporary metropolitan areas, in particular the need for larger living space. The work is informed by the perspective of someone who knows well how to marry innovation with functional space: in one word, MINI.

MINI LIVING-BUILT BY ALL, the third installation created by MINI for Salone del Mobile, is inspired by a democratic concept jointly implemented by citizens and architects, which speaks about our modern selves and demonstrates that visionary ideas often stem from mingling rather than individuals in isolation. This is a tribute to the ‘sharing society’ – forget the starchitects.

The installation aims to create a context that enhances wellbeing and humanity through crossing paths, which are devised to be experienced at different times and from different viewpoints. Different areas coexist in a single setting, with a view to optimise the lack of space. The result is made up of environments that fit together in a jigsaw of lights and colours. The word ‘Communal’ is the mantra of the exhibition itinerary: Communal Amphitheatre, Communal Kitchen, Communal Garden e Communal Gym. Encounters simply cannot be avoided.

“Today’s real estate market standards seem to be struggling to meet the needs of individuals,” said Oke Hauser, the MINI LIVING Creative Lead, explaining the approach underlying the project. “Our installation ‘MINI LIVING-BUILT BY ALL’ transforms people into proactive creators, and puts them back at the heart of the original design process. We firmly believe that the quality of space is determined by the extent to which people identify with their homes.”

A new dimension of design which focuses on the individual, their own character and skills. The project is an innovative housing concept that redesigns space – and therefore communities – starting from within, in order to meet the needs of contemporary lifestyles. As in previous years, in addition to visiting the installation, visitors will have the chance to create their future living space vision in an “experience area.”

‘MINI LIVING-BUILT BY ALL’ is the visual representation of MINI’s long-established design expertise used to become fully aware of the hidden potential of our urban areas and to build the future of our cities. A place, not a utopia.


Join MINI LIVING-BUILT BY ALL in via Tortona 32 (Torneria), Milan, from 17 to 22 April 2018.

Enjoy living consciously.

17 Tuesday
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21 Saturday
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22 Sunday
10:00 - 20:00
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