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April 2018

A moment dedicated to the contemporary landscape and to the outdoor design in the innovative framework of CityLife District

IN-OUT wellbeing in outdoor, in the new CityLife District, presents itself as an exhibition event during the Milan Design Week: an experiential location where design becomes a medium for discussion about living and wellbeing in outdoors.

PAYSAGE in partnership with the promoters of the initiative, Studio Rotella and Promoest together with Sergio Rossi, organizes on this occasion PAYSAGE TOPSCAPE DAYS, the first of a series of events devoted to the project of contemporary landscape and to wellbeing in outdoor in one of the most innovative urban frames in Milan: the CityLife District.

On Friday, 20th April from 6.00 p.m. a set of interventions will animate Piazza Tre Torri. The program is shown below:

- 6.00 p.m. Introduction moderated by Novella B. Cappelletti, director of Topscape Paysage with the following guest speakers:

Sergio Fabio Rotella, Studio Rotella Architect Barbara Colonnello, Promoest Managing Director Sergio Rossi, Creator of Fiera Sun of Rimini Armando Borghi, CityLife Managing Director Pierfrancesco Maran, Councilor for Urban Planning, Green and Agriculture, Municipality of Milan Elena Grandi. Vice-President of the Municipality 1 - Councilor for Green and Urban Design

- 6.30 p.m. Park in the City 'Scape, The CityLife Park with Margherita Brianza, Architect of P'arc Nouveau Milan

- 6:50 p.m. Green Build in the City 'Scape, Urban Park Building with Paolo Ercolini of Euroambiente and Cesare Peverelli of Peverelli s.r.l.

- 7.00 p.m. Sport in the City 'Scape, Fitness Free with Bernhard Winkler of Euroform - Bolzano

- 7.10 p.m. Textile Architecture & Solar protection in City 'Scape, The textile architecture for sun protection with Giuseppe Noventa, Architect in IRISUN by F.lli Giovanardi

- 7:20 p.m. Garden in the Sky City, Sky Garden with Damiano Ravanelli of Ravanelli Giardini

- 7:30 p.m. Food in the City 'Scape, the Citylife Gardens with Luca Leporati, Architect of aMAZING_sTUDIO

- 7:40 p.m. Dog in the City 'Scape, Enjoy with Dogs with Luca Vallò, dog behavioral rehabilitation Consultant, dog Educator with a zoo-anthropological cognitive approach, and Daniela Cappelletti, Veterinarian

- 7:50 p.m. Citylife - Agility Dog with Marino De Santa of Legnolandia

- 8.00 p.m. IN-OUT Day Round Table with the companies participating in the IN-OUT Wellbeing in outdoor event.


Angelo Grassi
F.lli Giovanardi
Forma Lighting
Giulio Barbieri
Laboratorio San Rocco
Pixie progetti e prodotti
Ravanelli Giardini
Studio Rotella
Topscape Paysage
What Bike Are You?


Fabio Rotella




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Conference - A moment dedicated to the outdoor design and to the wellbeing.
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