Transversal Movement


Ex Opificio Sacofgas Milano
Via Ascanio Sforza 85

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April 2016

What happens when an artist meets a 800 square meters canvas? Urban art indoor and outdoor to the former factory in Milan

Street art fever spreads in Milan: requests of private citizens and professionists who pretend unmistakable facades of studies and houses are increasing and the most innovative artistic language in town is ready to answer. Everything starts from 2015 after the acclamation in Milano of 100 “free walls” as expression spaces for graffiti. The result of the synergy between artists working in Milan since the ’90 and the Departments of Public Works and Culture of the City, brings today the property owners of Via Ascanio Sforza 85-87 to ask for the production of a pictorial reinventing the entire facade of the ex-factory to Question Mark, the new pop-up art gallery settled in Milan in 2015.

Overlooking the Naviglio Pavese, the massive building dating back to the 40s of last century began as a factory of the historical company Sacofgas, for decades a manufacturer of gas meters; according to the best Milan way of working-and-living philosophy, the ex-factory is today a multifaceted space, where architects, designers, artists and fashion meet (and work) everyday.

The property owners have chosen what was the most functional style for Via Ascanio Sforza from a list of international artists of the urban art freshers scene. Elian is the winner: 29 year-old Argentine, we’ve seen him painting all around the world in 2015: from Melbourne to London via Madrid, Gaeta, Brussels, Vancouver and Miami…both for reinventing public spaces or exhibiting his moving paintings in indoor experiences.

Elian will be for the first time in Milan, from 2 to 16 April 2016 to paint the biggest mural in town. The spot Via Ascanio Sforza 85/87, where you could might lead the most impressive live painting ever. But it is not enough. Question Mark will organize the first exhibition that will host in Italy works on canvas of the young Argentinean artist, in an indoor collective exhibition of other artists of the urban art scene: Giorgio Bartocci, Btoy, Elian, Mcity, Nemco, Nevercerew, NoCurves, Fabio Petani e Mr. Fjodor: The façade project was approved by the the City of Milan and the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage (given the proximity to the ship).

The exceptional visual and artistic impact given by the combination of outdoor and indoor works will be a great opportunity for all of you who are thirsty of visual arts during Fuorisalone 2016.

The appointment is on April 16 at 11.00, for the vernissage of "Transversal Movement" which is both the presentation of the largest abstract mural painting in Milan, and the opening of the homonymous exhibition indoor that will tell everyone what happens when artists have the opportunity to reinvent the cities.

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Question mark


Chali Elian


Alice Cosmai, curator > questionmarkalice@gmail.com

12 Tuesday
12:00 - 17:00
Other - live painting
13 Wednesday
14 Thursday
15 Friday
16 Saturday
11:00 - 20:00
Presentation - Vernissage of outdoor artwork and indoor exhibition
17 Sunday
11:00 - 20:00
Exhibition - Outdoor artwork by Elian and indoor exhibition
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