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April 2016

Presentation of some creative reuse projects of wood, contained in the book "Ricre_Azioni di legno"


From Ricre-azione to Ingegno!


Milan, March 2016 - From 12th to 17th April, Via Tortona, 20 the historic Fuorisalone district in Milan - Zona Tortona - will host our book launch event

RICRE-AZIONI sponsored by Rilegno, the Italian wood packaging collection, re-use and recycling consortium.

It is an appointment packed with insights and opportunities to exchange views and take part in the current debate on creative re-use and design as applied to wood, above all if it is 'waste' wood.



Rilegno - which has been pursuing its mission in the recovery and re-use of wood for years - is the spokesman for an exciting experience telling the story of a material which never loses its value whether it is transformed into a design object or a semi-worked product for the décor or building industries.


Edited by Irene Ivoi the book is a profoundly evocative wood journey by image and product in which wood re-use is much more than a successful exercise in creativity. It is design, innovation and self-aware action in support not only of a historic material but also of an economy which is building its future on the practical - and not just theoretical – foundation of sustainability. 


RICRE-AZIONI is also a synthesis of the commitment with which Rilegno has sponsored design initiatives and experimentation opportunities over the years such as the highly successful wood waste re-use ideas and proposals competition Legno d'Ingegno. And the more recent LegnoeRilegno initiative with its exciting public workshops publicised on digital communication media by participants themselves - see Instagram. It is a way of building up a relationship with the local area and raising awareness of the wood re-use cycle which many still know nothing about - and much more. It is a two pronged initiative of great importance - proposing projects and raising awareness. From the bottom up.


It is an exciting future for all of us. "Economic crisis", as Irene Ivoi explains well in her introduction to the book, "has generated new ways of thinking about goods and services or rather of re-thinking them". This tendency has been intensified by participatory tools such as digital media which are an increasingly powerful influence on future domestic scenarios.


The book is all this and much more - a volume aiming to synthesise the past and open a window onto the future, a book whose originality lies also in the fact that it leaves its final page blank.


Some of these creative wood re-use projects will be showcased at the Fuorisalone week in a specially designed space together with video documentation and stimulating events. It is a twofold environment looking at both indoor and outdoor spaces.











Rilegno is the Italian wood and cork packaging collection, re-use and recycling consortium.

It has been working jointly with Conai (Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi) since 1998. By means of subsidised platform networks across the whole of Italy and multi-year agreements with ANCI (Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani), Rilegno ensures that over one and a half million tons of wood waste goes into the recycling industry every year.








RILEGNO Via Luigi Negrelli 24/A - 47042 Cesenatico FC tel. 0547 672 946 Tel 0547 19092 39 www.rilegno.org

Facebook: facebook.com/rilegno

Twitter: twitter.com/@Rilegno

Instagram: instagram.com/rilegno/

Youtube: youtube.com/user/VideoRilegno





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Iaia Michi  +39 335 220665







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