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April 2016

A project by VI+M Studio that shows a new interpretation of the console

In occasion of the Design Fashion week 2016, VI+M Studio presents the new project INNESTI, that is exhibited for the first time in the fascinating setting of OFFFI Milano Isola, in Via Carmagnola 8.

A survey on the intimate relationship between man and nature was carried out to investigate what relationship there is between man and the surrounding environment, considering part of nature even all that the ''homo faber " has created or modified himself.

The project comes from a deliberation on the console: a contemporary reinterpretation of this classic piece of furniture typically used in any domestic environment. INNESTI wants to retrieve and re-interpret habits and rituals that take place around the console, stripping it from its classical use of table designed to be placed against a wall. The configuration of different elements gives life to limitless solutions, allowing to adapt to space, breaking the rules, and giving the possibility to move in total freedom.

The structure is made of a round marble base on which three tubular satin finished brass structures are placed as a basis for the grafts. Five exquisite types of marble were selected: travertine red, green labradorite, antique black, emperador and calacatta marble. Also, a more simple essential version made entirely of enamelled steel, either in black or teal, was designed.

As in botanical grafting, these small elements are inserted and connected to the base giving life to diverse more refined elements such as vases, candle holders, mirrors, bearing planes, and coat hangers. The candle holders and vases are made of blown glass, in a deliberately gentle and soft form that creates a harmonious contrast with the strictness of the tubular structures that encounter them. The bifacial mirror is designed in two shapes,  a hexagonal one and a more common circular shaped one; the peculiarity being that thanks to the pivot it can rotate giving the possibility to mirror the surrounding environment variably. The bearing plane, which consists of a brass  or enamelled steel plate, takes on the more authentic function of the console. The hanger is instead spherical shaped, in natural beech and imagined to store hats, evoking an atavistic elegant gesture.

The architect Vincenzo Ignaccolo says: "One of the central themes in our work is a continuous research for beauty. Not only beauty in its most immediate form or matter, but especially within its more intimate and profound aspects that are generated thanks to the interaction between the object and its user. This is where we began from with INNESTI, from intrinsic poetry to gestures, to the beauty of certain rituals that fall into the anthropological sphere. More than an object we tried to work the conception of a scene."


VI+M Studio

VI+M Studio, an architecture studio founded by architects Vincenzo and Michele Ignaccolo, based in Milan and specialized in Interior Design, Residential Architecture, Exhibition Design and Retail.



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