I.I.S. "Marelli Dudovich" Milano: Dandelion roughs for market


Spazi espositivi Centro Commerciale Bonola
via Quarenghi 23 Milano

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April 2016

I.I.S. "Marelli Dudovich" Milan. Show fashion sketches: supermarket design.

Proposal for a twenty-four artistic panels inserted into the space of the Mall of Coop Bonola Milan area.
The project title is "Dandelion roughs for market". In tribute to the Irish mall that hosted the popular music in the seventies.
The exhibition offers the simulation of a design office contemporary cultural trends. The projects proposed by young fashion bloggers will be collected in moodboard videoApp readable, during exposure, with Qrcode.
The panels will propose roughs / fashion sketches.
The proposed event, through photographs, will allow to know the numerous projects created by the students of these years.
Students with this creative performances will be confronted with outdoor spaces and the institute within the territory.
The layout and the exhibition of their paintings will complete the steps of the executive project already accomplished.
The students have done a work of learning and of applying various graphic techniques, from figure to technical drawing, considering the advanced digital techniques.
The discipline involved: Textile Design, fashionable clothing and costume.
From roughs to SketchUp: all exhibited in a mall. The title recalls the Dandelion supermarket which hosted the pop music of U2 in 1979. Dandelion is the name of a flower: the dandelion. The mall Coop Bonola Milan hosts the popular fashion design sketches of the students dell'I.I.S. "Marelli Dudovich" DANDELION collection in 2016.
"Dandelion roughs forr market" becomes the educational / training project to create an imitation of real enterprise.

The students of IIH IIH classes and fashion, sponsoring the event, will present the project of a videoApp proposed for the XXI International Design Triennial of Milan in 2016. Students of the VA-class graphics for the project Triennale schools "Redesign your school" they have proposed a poster.


Head teacher Emilia Ametrano, Vicar collaborator DS Elisa Iacazio. Docenti: Antonella Maccagno, Angela Petrone, Giulia Procopio, Viviana Pipitone, Tina Marrocco, Maria Palermo, Tina Costantino, Angela Milasi, Stefania Baldassarre, Rosanna Fusaro, Annamaria Boz, Elisabetta Tamagnini.  Referenti Soci Coop:  Dir. Alberto Dell'Aquila, Annamaria Crippa. Allievi: Allegro Laura, Badalamenti Sara, Basilico Alessia, Castaneda Cecilia, Dusi Giorgia, Federici Ilaria, Ghezzi Yazmin, Guido Rizzo Jasmine, Holmomarte Camilla, Lasme Florence, Lungu Olga, Merlo Federica, Peroni Daniela, Regazzoni Susanna, Sofia Denisa, Vicamini Asia, Villa Giulia, Yu Yiqian Marisa, Wen Liping, Asitti Erica, Catino Sofia, Cattaneo Eleonora, De Luca Noemi, De Rosa Anna, Fanchin Siria, Fortunato Silvia, Gilberti Stefania, Giussani Giorgia, Marie Arianna, Pierro Aurora, Russo Elisabetta, Vagliani Asia, Veronese Arianna, Zerbi Francesca, Zhou Serena, Zhou Yumin.  Un ringraziamento ai Collaboratori scolastici: Luigina Gigia Di Chio, Ornella Pezzoni, Giusy Rizzo.

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I.I.S. Marelli Dudovich Milano


I.I.S. "Marelli Dudovich" Milano - via Livigno 11 - via Oderzo 3


02 6884122 http://www.marellidudovich.gov.it

12 Tuesday
08:30 - 20:30
Exhibition - Exposure fashion sketches
13 Wednesday
08:30 - 20:30
Exhibition - Exposure fashion sketches
14 Thursday
08:30 - 20:30
Exhibition - Exposure fashion sketches
15 Friday
08:30 - 21:00
Exhibition - Exposure fashion sketches
16 Saturday
08:30 - 21:00
Exhibition - Exposure fashion sketches
17 Sunday
09:00 - 20:00
Exhibition - Exposure fashion sketches
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