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April 2016

everyday 11,00/ 22,00

Fuorisalone 2016 Milan April 12 to 17
MaMo Milano Porta Venezia Gallery -City studies Via Plinio # 46, within the shopping gallery, artists and designers are confronted in a small space at 'sign of creativity

Visual art in general arrives and uses an aesthetic expression that satisfies purely intellectual need.
The designer is independent of the pure aesthetic and conceptual function and gives shape to a thought of object that is configured with its artistic component, and arrives at the magical world of "project", understood as a form of transformation process that must be primarily functional.
Products manufactured in large scale satisfy the needs of the market.
A work of art lives its uniqueness, is created as a single piece, not reproducible.
One of the reasons that prompted the MaMo (experimental workshop-gallery for the visual arts) to select a small company linked to the world of design, is that it always works combining the two possibilities of expression: ART and DESIGN.
With their creative work, delicate and made with lightweight materials, the artists of MaMo take us back to 'idea that the two issues together can break the thin thread that links visual art and design.
The young artist FEDERICA Petese, born in Como, he graduated from the Istituto d'Arte di Como in Decorative and starts, not to end it, the decoration faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Then he concludes his studies with an introspective journey, where psychology, soul and emotions are mixed and become a symbol of continued research. His drawings, watercolors, represent persons known to her, spontaneous moments where color captures not only the features, but the very soul of the person. The character and the most intimate aspects of the design become protagonists in color mixtures that suggest the unconscious and the 'unsaid'.

DAVIDE Sforzini was born in Brescia in 1977. The painting of David Sforzini, the color and the pleasure of observing always accompanied by his research. The first structural teachings receives them by Henry Schinetti, which remains a student for eight years. He then enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts after completing a degree in Modern Literature, with a thesis on the history of 'contemporary art entitled "Themes of segantiniana painting: nature, mother, death." It begins this way, a search process that continues to wear towards the exploration and investigation of himself and his surroundings. He graduated in 2008 with a thesis entitled "Mourning as a representation: instances of pre-Christian ritual mourning in the Salento tradition." What interests the artist is the human being, allowing him to investigate the gestures, the body, the word at the time of maximum frustration, when the call to life is brought to its maximum voltage.
ROSSELLA ROLI, born in Modena, lives and works in Milan. Deals with graphic design since 1989. In 1992 he is a member AIAP (Italian Association for Visual Communication). In 2001, she specializes in web design at the Domus Academy in Milan and later graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera at the Visual Arts Department. In 2006 he began his artistic activity with the first installations in public institutions: the Fruit of the Palazzo Te in Mantua, the former Church of San Carpoforo in Milan and the Museum of Contemporary Art Vespolate (Novara). Among other exhibitions include Another break in the wall at the wannabee Gallery in Milan on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the VI Biennale of the Artist's Book City of Cassino, the third international exhibition of contemporary art Human Rights ?, sponsored by Amnesty International and the Council of Europe, at the Bell Foundation of Rovereto, and war Textures at the Visconti Castle of Pavia on the occasion of the centenary of the First World war. Personal exhibitions at the Gallery with Blanchaert Portion of sea salt and sky rising rising rising, the Obraz Gallery with Survivals and Palazzo Stella with Triggers.
NUNZIATINA MASCARELLO, graphic designers, web writer, illustrator and teacher. Photography is a source of inspiration in his research. He has participated in many art exhibitions and design with his installations in Catania, Enna, Milan and Brooklyn. For nearly two years working on a personal project: the Crank-design brand, for whom he created fashion accessories that are inspired by his research of fashion design - hand-made, art director of the brand.
SERRA Eraslan is a Turkish fashion designer, Italian by adoption, eclectic artist. After concluding the Italian high school in Istanbul, he attended the Fashion Design at IMA (Istanbul Fashion Academy). He moved to Milan. He graduated BA in Fashion Design at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts). He continues his studies at the Istituto Marangoni, in the "Master in Fashion Design in womenwear" specialties. His first collection is inspired by the tale of his life, to the fable of all of us, to the children's fantasies that we try to get us into even as adults, the imaginary figures of idealized characters from childhood.
GEOCREO is a 'multi-purpose company working on industrial design service. It operates since 1988 in advertising promotional oggettistico in the printing industry in screen printing and pad printing.
Fuorisalone presents a series of cutting-edge objects in the processing sector in luminescent Plexiglas. Soul of the company is Alexander Saba leading the work with great enthusiasm and dedication as only an artist can do.

FRANCESCO FUSI lives and works in Como. Young artist, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Painting Section. His research was inspired by two great artists: Francis Bacon and Basquiat. His figures, mostly portraits, show an introspective nature revealed itself to be complementary colors and signs that scratch the canvas. It uses recycled plastics that become exceptional pictorial support, by binding to the metropolitan posts of street-art.

  Imerio Rovelli , lives and works in Bergamo , focuses his personal artistic research on the creation of art objects related to dell ' architecture world , with references to the currents of the post- modern and post- industriale.Realizza complex constructions and experiments with different materials such as: paper fiberglass , ceramic materials and its plastiche.Nella research are perceived scenic landscapes created with ephemeral materials , which prevails essentially the ' floating element at' sign of leggerezza.emerge in his work , a sense of illusory reality , leaving shine through and cauducità the illusorierietà the unusual contemporaneo.Materiali world torn to reinvent themselves everyday , buying a new nature , where it still appears the senzo of beauty , lightness and harmony .   just mentioned female forms intertwine .. metaphorically expressing existential voids , in the absence of life and death , caught between the past and the present , we nostalgically recall the memories and distant dreams . of humanity lived out tracks like a Chinese shadow theater. A strong painting by dramatic tones , also characterized by dynamic strokes made ​​with the technique of color , where you can feel the artist's will to forward the execution speed that prefers painting not finito..che does not betray final results. . instinctive art, by strong colors , basic, lightweight and featuring shades and splashes of color . The painting of Julia Carla tells the story of women's romantic views as ghosts , which are revealed through the gown representation , the same as a thousand women and girls have.

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