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April 2016

The Flavio Lucchini Dolls are a tribute to femininity: dolls and girls, ironic or naive little figures that underline the freshness of each young woman. Colorful, with bright fluorescent colors, or clean cut, all “Puffe” as the artist affectionately calls them. With a career full of satisfaction, Flavio Lucchini begins his art career in 1990, at the height of his success as the protagonist of the fashion world. “I have always been immersed in art, architecture, design. But only art allows you to be free from any conditioning. As soon as I could I chose freedom.” The artist explains. Wire conductor of his research remains the woman and the dress, perhaps, the mystery of a femininity perceived and lived in its universality. Non-portraits, Dolls renounce the representation of individuality, or rather suggest with pure forms, primitive, the power of similarity. The color and shape are the primary instruments of this research: well-defined volumes and strong colors go together, and then compare to the mirrored volumes vibrant and full white moves. Almost secretly then, as Martina Corgnati suggested, “in these dolls lurks an autobiographical detail, intimate and minimal of his wife, life companion, and of the daughter Gaja. But this is just an insinuation, intended to confer on the figure a further cue of tenderness “.

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Lucchini Flavio

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