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April 2016

The project of Superstudio: "less fair more museum".


Superstudio Più - via Tortona 27

Superstudio 13 - via Forcella 13, via Bugatti 9

Press Preview 11 April 2016 from 3pm to 8pm press only
12-15 April 2016 from 10am to 9pm, professionals only
16 April 2016 from 10am to 9pm, opening also to not professionals

17 April 2016 from 10am to 6pm, opening also to not professionals

To participate to SuperDesign Show, download the invitation by registering on:


SuperDesign Show, the new authorial format by Superstudio that looks to the future, reaches its second edition. It focuses on research, on every day’s extraordinary, on freedom of choice, on contaminations between classic and avant-garde, industry and craftsmanship, tradition and future, simplicity and magnificence, being aware that everything has been done by now, that the whole world takes part in the evolution of the habitat that surrounds us, that rules and boundaries are out-dated.

SuperDesign Show, that continues and incorporates the success of the previous Superstudio’s project (The Temporary Museum for New Design), is a world-famous highly awaited appointment, first stopover in every visit to Tortona District.

17.000sq.m. of exhibiting space, theme projects, museum-like installations, national pavilions, independent or collective exhibitions, large consolidated companies but also young innovative ones, start-ups, self-design and all other trends of the living and inhabiting. Lounge, meeting rooms, press office, coordinated image, common areas, gardens, restaurants and much more.

This year’s theme is WHITE PAGES, that implies writing together the keywords of the world of tomorrow, expressed in the common areas by the illustrator and artist Sandro Fabbri. An invitation to bring to exhibition not only ready-to-use objects and proposals, but also futuristic and experimental projects and “narrate” them to the public with words and installations in an imaginary “white page” inside their own space.

Only one direction, one contemporary language, that values national and brand identities, Italian excellences, commercial necessities, the thinking “next” with careful selection focusing on “research, quality and innovation”, all along Superstudio’s key values.

SUPERDESIGN SHOW is a project by Gisella Borioli. Artistic Direction by the architect Carolina Nisivoccia.

Some previews 2016


Barovier&Toso and Paola Navone, together again for a visionary project, an imaginary journey among different cultures and landscapes, 1000sq.m. of the Daylight space with five yurts each with a different leitmotif and colour; Citizen creates a surreal space made of dancing light, a survey on nature of time with over 100.000 pieces composing the clock.

The Japanese people of AGC Asahi Glass revolutionize the ordinary idea of glass carrying the viewer among the amorphous micromolecules of the substance in an environment entirely invaded by floating fragments of a lightweight glass.

Aisin pavilion, the Japanese giant for automotive components, clean energy, wellness and lifestyle, transports visitors on a fascinating and imaginative journey with two different exhibitions: the first is dedicated to interactive technologies, the second brings the visitor into a world of textile where the Aisin sewing machines interact.


Between tradition and innovation, the great pavilion dedicated to Red Star Macalline Chinese design, focuses on the movement of tradition towards a new contemporary form, true Chinese creativity with top designers and top companies selected on all national territory.


In the Art Garden, Materials Village, designed by Material ConneXion Italia, gathers in one space companies from different sectors with proposals on the innovation of materials, projects and technologies to offer new solutions to the productive world. Special guest Stefano Boeri for 3M with an installation between architecture and science of materials, in favour of sustainability. More than 30 the companies involved, among which: 3M, Beko, Oltremateria, DuPont, Christian Fischbacher, Elitis, Novacolor, Asociación de Diseñadores de Euskadi, IPM Italia, XL EXTRALIGHT, Gemanco Design, Merck, TexClubTec, Pozzi Electa, RadiciGroup, Ta Li, Trevira, Windtex Vagotex, TileSkin, Naturtex, Landmaking, Galleria Cavour Green, Lineaverde, Easygreen, Biohabitat, Latifolia, Phytos, Essenze di Luce, Sofa Soft, Mediacom.

Sunbrella’s project is a textile forest, with hundreds of suspended embroidery frames and covered by the different fabric qualities by the company, project by Élise Fouin, French designer well known for her poetry and her creations on the material.

Moreover Gore-Tex with experimentations and applications in fashion and design.

LG Hausys presents an interactive exhibition about the world of design and techno materials, on a path that goes through the collaborations that took place in the years with Alessandro Mendini, Stefano Giovannoni, Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders e Ben van Berkel.

Aesthetics, environmental sustainability, maximum isolation for Giano, the innovative wall panel for constructions of Lattonedil used for the external frontage of their dedicated pavilion, in Superstudio’s Piazza dell’Arte.


Selected Objects area, the new design with objects and projects selected from all over the world. A large collective exhibition that values a single original “piece” or more elements of a mini-installation that narrates a story of an idea, the result of a team work, a young designer, a new company, a well-established brand. On stage ADD+, ArteFashionDesign, ASUS, Beau&Bien, bud brand, Canavisia, Crjos Design Milano, Deutsu, Digital Habits, Dozen Design, Dyson, Emilgroup, Forma Caprichosa, Hand Studio, Ianiro, Lettera G, miniki, Moca, Morà, Nisha Decor, Piemonte Design, P!nto, Sertum, Simon James Spurr.

Top products on sale online on www.LOVEThESIGN.com in the special “Superstudio Selection” section, a great opportunity to buy the best of SuperDesign Show.

Captivating and mysterious visions with Pietro Travaglini, young designer with a fairy-tale project “Tim Burton style”, with the collaboration of the great photographer Giovanni Gastel.

Strong impact also for the first ever suspended turning fireplace by the French company Focus, today reinterpreted with innovative materials and design. Organic and geometrical forms, natural materials especially wood, for Vitamin Design.

High tech Design with the sophisticated audio systems by Kef designed by Ross Lovegrove, Eric Chan, Milk Design, Studio F. A. Porsche and their internal team, in a space designed by Michael Young.

Day&Night is the new TV concept for Samsung: two different worlds, two opposed spaces, one white and minimal, one black that is lighted by colours, to present Serif TV and SUHD TV.

Carpet Sign’s carpets are presented as pieces of art, the company has won many Red Dot Design Award, that combine the material quality and innovation in design, allowing endless customization tailor made.
The tailoring of the product is a core value for TM Italia that in a triptych of sensory architecture introduces three new kitchens.

A special project by Regione Lazio “Creative Lazio: Design Itinerary” in collaboration with ADI Lazio: an exhibition-pathway that narrates the design excellences of Lazio in the wellness, table furniture, and for outdoor field. A space is dedicated to stories and products by new talents discovered and financed by Creative Lazio Programme, as well as to Lazio design products selected by ADI Design Index from 2009 to 2015. 


Jaguar presents the new F-PACE, its first crossover. The British car maker offers, in collaboration with IED Turin, a project which sees a team of young creatives of design school create wrappings inspired by the distinctive elements and the concept of the car. Live performances with Wacom Cintiq will show visitors the process that led to the conception and creation of the graphic applied to cars.

Biomega, the Danish bikes also on display at MoMA, presents OKO the new e-bike and a new collaboration with K-Way®, a special edition of clothing and accessories for cyclists.


“Marmo_2.0” exhibition by Raffaello Galiotto groups 5 experimental marble art works created with state-of-art parameters softwares, a sort of “digital chisel” that opens a new scenario on marble crafting.

Outside, the impressive sculpture by Maria Cristina Carlini, “Obelisco”, 4 meters high as if in a connection between sky and earth, in corten steel and recycled wood, two very different materials, a reference to the union among different cultures, a good omen for a peaceful coexistence

At the entrance of the central pavilion of SuperDesign Show is “MyHome”, drawings by Sandro Fabbri: things for the home, seen, dreamt of, invented, existed, used or simply spurted by his fantasy. The artist is able to recreate with just a few fast ink lines the magic of the world, whether fashion, perfumes, nature or design. His task is to represent design icons and symbols of today and tomorrow.

The fluctuating and interactive sculpture e°FLOW changes colour according to the movements and the number of visitors: it is currently the largest experimental application in 3 dimensions of e-paper technology in the world, developed in collaboration between the artist Nik Hafermaas of Ueberall International and the producers of E Ink Prism.


Mario Cucinella’s multi-functional space, created in collaboration with "SOS-School of Sustainability" school, is all about design and sustainable architecture: high quality environmental sensorial installations designed by the great architect, workshop and laboratories of prototyping, “Creative Empathy” and many more initiatives.

eBay LAB celebrates the infinite universe of Do-it-yourself, a growing trend, with an installation edited by Archt. Francesco Maria Bandini. In its core, there are 4 innovative items and the tools used to build them, placed in a physical space-multiplying environment.

The Basement’s underground atmosphere is perfect for the minimal sign and the love for unaffected materials of Emanuel Gargano’s lights, Umbrian designer winner of many international awards and who has collaborated many years with Claudio Silvestrin’s London office.

Kid-friendly design with “Let’s go Kids” a project by Assogiocattoli, dedicated to the pram: history, functionality, parents/kids relationship in space and time.

Around the poetry of childhood is the exhibition “Pop Dolls”, the dolls-sculptures by the artist Flavio Lucchini, little girls not yet women and women-girls, candid and alluring, in coloured resin, a tribute to femininity in bloom.


Clean Energy thanks to Enessere innovative technology that presents Hercules, a vertical axis wind turbine as beautiful as a sculpture, made out of wood, carbon fiber and steel.


The SuperDesign Show also extends at Superstudio 13, the studios in via Forcella 13 – via Bugatti 9 with PepsiCo exhibition “Mix It Up 2016”, an intriguing pop mix with design, music, fashion, culinary arts curated by PepsiCo Design in collaboration with Fabio Novembre, Karim Rashid, Lapo Elkann + Garage Italian Customs, Benjamin Hubert, Jeremy Scott, Design Group Italy, and many others.

In the courtyard of Superstudio 13, the installation of Blablacar shows the effects of car sharing on the environment, with interactive infographics and a space for games and meetings.
Moreover Melissa Lounge welcomes visitors and transports them to the colourful and joyful world of the famous Brazilian PVC footwear, born from the collaboration of international designers such as the Campana brothers, Gaetano Pesce, Jason Wu, Jeremy Scott and Vivienne Westwood. At Superstudio Cafè light and creative food, every day from 17.30 meetings and insights on the application of biomimicry in design and architecture, curated by DDN.


We thank ASUS for technology devices supplied to SuperDesign Show staff, Press Office and Info Point; Radici Contract for textile flooring designed specifically for SuperDesign Show; Valdo, partner of Superstudio Floral Lounge with free tasting of Prosecco and the new Brut Rosé Floral Edition by Fabrizio Sclavi; LOVEThESIGN for the online sale of Superstudio Selection; Arclab/ Richard Ceccanti, FlexibleLove, Mabele, Novacolor, OnlightPF, Slide for the furnishings and the materials of the common areas.



AGC Asahi Glass, Aisin, Barovier&Toso, be.emanuelgargano, Biomega, Carpet Sign, Citizen, E Ink & Ueberall, eBay, Enessere, Focus, Gore-Tex, Jaguar, Kef, Lattonedil, LG Hausys, Material ConneXion Italia, Pietro Travaglini Design, Red Star Macalline, Regione Lazio for creativity, Samsung Electronics Italia, Sunbrella, TM Italia, vitamin design.

SELECTED OBJECTS: ADD+, ArteFashionDesign, ASUS, Beau&Bien, bud brand, Canavisia, Crjos Design Milano, Deutsu, Digital Habits, Dozen Design, Dyson, Emilgroup, Forma Caprichosa, Hand Studio, Ianiro, Lettera G, miniki, Moca, Morà, Nisha Decor, Piemonte Design, P!nto, Sertum, Simon James Spurr.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Assogiocattoli, Flavio Lucchini Art, Maria Cristina Carlini, Mario Cucinella Architects, Raffaello Galiotto, Sandro Fabbri.

PARTNERS: ASUS, Arclab/Richard Ceccanti, FlexibleLove, LOVEThESIGN, Mabele, Novacolor, OnlightPF, Radici Contract, Slide, Valdo.


Blablacar, Melissa. Special project PepsiCo Design.

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