Design meets magic thanks to the Winx Club: the fanciest fairies on TV, Rainbow’s milestone and Made in Italy’s pride, are ready to shine during the upcoming Milan Design Week 2019 with the innovative project “WINX LIFESTYLE MAGIC AND DESIGN”, result of the prestigious partnership between Iginio Straffi’s global content company and CILAB - Creative Industries Lab of the Polytechnic University of Milan’s Design Department.

The ambitious project is just one of the dedicated initiatives Rainbow launched to celebrate the 15th birthday of Winx Club, inviting students to translate the distinctive features of the six fairies into fresh living concepts inspired by the emotional world of Winx Club. The 6 best projects selected are truly immersive installations with unique furnishings, complements and graphics that introduce the visitor to the imaginary of the fairy saga, a classic icon with potentially endless applications. 60 students from the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Product Design have joined the project, and supported by professors have developed their proposals following a brief defined by Rainbow and CILAB. The best proposals have been then supported by a selected panel of Italian companies with whom they have finalized the projects and created the prototypes taking into account materials, technologies and product categories of each. The close collaboration between CILAB and the companies involved - CMC2.0, Piva Group, WallPepper®, Mosaico Digitale, FCA SNC, LC Forniture industriali, On light PF, Specchiopiuma, Kose & ISI Milano, EDG Enzo De Gasperi, TaborGlit and Grifal SPA - all leading players in their market segment, allowed young designers to compare and mature professionally in a unique training activity on the field, and allowed companies to get involved in an innovative project, enhancing their potential.

The opening event will take place on the Bovisa campus of the Polytechnic University of Milan on April 10, and the exhibition will be open for the entire duration of the Design Week 2019, from April 9 to 14. In parallel, Rainbow and CILAB will coordinate meetings, speeches and more initiatives to promote the successful values of Made in Italy represented by the companies involved.
Winx Club is a global brand made of Italian excellence. Bloom, Stella Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha continue to be a source of inspiration for ever new stories and products, and "WINX LIFESTYLE MAGIC AND DESIGN" is the ultimate project that confirms the brand as protagonist of 2019.

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