“MOVING FOREST” by Deanna Comellini

Close your eyes and allow Deanna Comellini to lead you through her latest creation, protagonist of a new installation in the heart of Milan’s Brera Design District.

Following the success of UltraNative, the designer surprises once again, offering a visual and sensorial experience of her original personal and primordial vision: Moving Forest, a collection in high quality wool, that repeats the Native format, a G.T.Design exclusive. Moving Forest is an “undefined” space, a hybrid of a circle and a square, an environment ideal for movement and full immersion, clearly inspired by nature. Now open your eyes and listen to the sounds of the forest that Deanna Comellini has captured. The exhibition is an exciting, evocative chapter of a story that has lasted 40 years.

G.T.Design has researched and experimented unique design pathways and procedures for processing textile fibers that have changed the entire sector of home textiles.
This event follows the designer’s vocation as she researches the contemporary carpet using original procedures such as multilayered digital prints and natural fibers, giving life to a rich catalogue that expresses the uniqueness of Deanna Comellini’s style.

© — All rights reserved.

© — All rights reserved.