PLAYGROUND of Corso Garibaldi 73 by WOOD-SKIN

In occasion of Fuorisalone 2019, WOOD-SKIN Srl presents PLAYGROUND, an outdoor installation to celebrate the street as connective tissue and a main stage of the Milanese Design Week. The sidewalk becomes three-dimensional, waves of different materials appears first as a seat, then a wall, a hut. Architects and designers are invited to discover the many characteristics of WOOD-SKIN'S products, new shapes, new patterns and materials for special and outstanding projects.

Metal finishes, paper laminates, ultra-thin wood, cork and mirror alternate on this outdoor stage, each showing unique technical and aesthetic characteristics.

The connection between these materials is the WOOD-SKIN process, its digital hinges generate geometric patterns capable of giving character and "programming" the shape, giving life to a new design grammar, a language made of folds as in origami. With WOOD-SKIN surfaces new spaces can be designed playing on colors, depth and movement like never before, each material becomes vibrant and evocative, a new concept that opens up endless possibilities for expression.

© — All rights reserved.

© — All rights reserved.