The exhibition BEST PACKAGING, organised by Italian Packaging Institute and CONAI a gallery of 23 solutions of packaging design, technologically advanced, which have eco sustainability, as a plus.

The 23 candidates challenge each other to meet the needs of the market, of consumers and of the environment, through the reduction of the raw material used, the use of recycled materials, the turning point towards the mono material, even for rigid or flexible laminates, the redesign of the shape and the optimization of the dimensions, but also the recourse to the new materials bio based and from renewable sources.

Developped with traditional exhibition canons, the show is a gallery of real products, explained by technical captions and graphic info, explaining the improvement interventions, realized in the design of packaging.  It is a storytelling that describes the entire industrial process from project to recycling. The starting point is the product, which determines the choice of materials and the best type of packaging, to preserve it, to protect it and sell it on the target market, placing as priority the attention to the end of life: easy to recycle or to composting.

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