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Design Manager

Co-fondatrice of 6ZERO5. She manages strategic design projects spreading design thinking methodologies. After doing a PhD at Politecnico di Milano she collaborates with Poli.Design as project manager, she has been director of the Research Centre of Istituto Europeo di Design and co-director of the magazine Ottagono Magazine.

The Fuorisalone is a big party in which we are all protagonists and viewers at the same time.

— Valentina Auricchio
The interview

The version of Valentina Auricchio about Fuorisalone


What does the Fuorisalone mean for you?

The Fuorisalone is a big party in which we are all protagonists and viewers at the same time. International design comes to Milan to celebrate and make a toast to what it produced worldwide, both for the good and for the bad. Just like in every party you meet old friends, people who come out of their refuge to share past and present projects, you touch the capes of the big and avoid the undesired ones.


What did the Design City experience leave you?

With Design City I found again a dimension, which I thought, I had lost (time). If the Salone is the time to “show off”, to celebrate, to look around and let oneself be carried away, Design City is the moment to stop and think about what impressed us, for the good and for the bad. They are complementary.


The most important thing you found out or learnt at the Salone

As a professional, what I have learnt over the years is that if you want to showcase something during the Design Week, investing your time, energy and money, that’d better be something worthy. I’m a bit fed up with “design bulimia” and it’s probably not time to show off and be there just for the sake of it anymore. But my democratic spirit also says that you always learn something from everything and that we could not appreciate “beauty” if “ugliness” did not exist. The other thing I learnt is discovering Milan!

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