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April 2017

Art, Design & Fashion, together in a new formula in via Santa Marta 18

After the success of the first ZIP ZONE POP UP SHOP set up last December near Duomo in the prestigious camera dei Notari in piazza dei Mercanti, with the return of the Milan Design Week Zip Zone, the event format created by Alessandra Stretti with a ten years’ history on the Paris fashion scene, is back. Having introduced several new designers, Zip Zone is the reference point for new talents not only in fashion but also in design and art. Its selection of collections is the fruit of a meticulous search for international designers both emerging and established.

For its event Zip Zone will be located this year in Milan in the Palazzo della Società d'Incoraggiamento d'Arti e Mestieri in via Santa Marta 18, headquarters of SIAM. The palace is in the historic centre of Milan and at the heart of an emerging area within the “fuorisalone” which by vocation mixes artisanal and artistic creations. There from 5 to 9 April some of the most exciting emerging brands from Europe, ranging from jewellery to accessories and selected for this event by Zip Zone, will be exhibited for sale. Among those on display will be Dafni Jewellery, Elisabetta Fontana, Rimini Jewels by Roberto Fenzl and Manuela Mussoni, Ulrike Ullmann, eye frames by Luca Pagni, the inventive BR-and leather bags by Benedetta Rusconi and the "shirt jacket”, an original tailoring creation of the Master Franco Puppato.


In addition, Zip Zone has selected the creations of some artists and photographers; works by Damiano Spelta, photos by Piero Mollica and Andrea Mete and paintings by Tal Britt, Barbara Stretti and Serena Ferrari will be on display.

Moreover Zip Zone will host:

Flux Laboratory an experimental, multidisciplinary space which nurtures creative work and reflection through encounters with the world of dance, art, philosophy, music, technology, media and businesses. the collective "Fuori di Design" coordinated by Materioteca®, where several new designers will participate together with the renowned designer Giorgina Castiglioni.


The exhibition space set up is by Zip Zone along with works of art on furnishing of Magma Company and lighting unique creations of Arredi Marziani by Marzia Mosconi Exclusive Light Designer.

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Zip Zone:
Alessandra Stretti
Italia +39 3886949233

press contact:
GWEP public&media relations
Guendalina Perelli
Italia +39 3299388286

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