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April 2017

CARTAEMATITA and Officina Tipografica Novepunti are pleased to present "LETTERPRESS. The beginning of design"

A workshop dedicated to the letterpress printing tecnique which consists in the juxtaposition of types covered with ink and printed on paper.

Nowadays the product design is going back to craftsmanship and to the oneoff object. In this context letterpress is experiencing a period of great revival as it preserves the technical and artistic uniqueness of every single product. Research of materials or papers, the choice of colors and the overlapping of elements allow an high level of experimentation that combines tradition and conteporary aesthetics.

Every attendee will customize and bring home a postcard, experiencing at first hand the potential of typography. During the event will be also exibited many tools as ancient wood types, clichè and some posters realized with the letterpress printing technique.



Cartaematita is a agency with 25 years of experience in Institutional Communication. It was born from professionals with extensive know-how in the field of visual communication and a creative approach to strategic projects of brand reputation and strengthening the stakeholders vision. Cartaematita supports its customers in strategic planning and in the translation of the communication plan across media actions.


Officina Tipografica Novepunti (9PT)

Founded by design professionals from different educational and professional backgrounds, 9PT deals with recovery, testing and dissemination of techniques and materials for the handcraft printing. In addition to self-production of posters and limited editions, 9PT organizes and offers training services such as workshops, seminars and exhibitions about typography, graphic design and printing. External collaboration and openness to new members have always been fundamental characteristics of 9PT, that's why you are all invited to participate and to get your hands dirty.

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Officina Tipografica 9 Punti


For more info: +39 02 58102678 | info@cartaematita.it

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