The first italian bed&show open the door for Design Week


Experience Design bed&show
Via Tortona, 10

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April 2017

Experience Design innovative bed and show opens doors to all architects and lovers design who want to try quality furnishings and discover previews of some brands. This year's protagonists modular urban garden Novital with a display in the outdoor garden space to let the public know the possibility offered by these particular vases, to create at home your own personal garden, cultivating fruits, herbs, vegetables or small fruit trees. Exclusive DeSign wallpaper texture will cover the innovative and original veranda of the bed and show and high-level visual experience through a virtual reality software and a dedicated professional display to see the design of your own home in 3D, will be proposed in the living room by Essence in Design operates in the field of consultancy in interior design. Experience Design is a living showroom born in 2013 on the basis of an innovative concept of experiential marketing, in collaboration with designer brands with the aim to prove that quality furniture made in Italy and to raise awareness through live the brand experience and their peculiar characteristics in a real home environment. Here you can go to see and purchase the furniture present, or you can stop to sleep personalizing the stay with the possibility to choose a particular type of mattress and pillow, you can try some special furnishings such as a mirror with color therapy and music therapy, a Japanese toilet, or you can discover how works a steam oven, the chiller and more. During Fuorisalone Experience Design will offer visitors special discounts on the purchase of furniture of various brands, so as to make this living showroom even closer to the needs of those who want to build the house withmade in Italy taste. The facilities defined differ depending on the brand 15-30% off the new price list, but you can also have bigger discounts on exposed furniture. You can choose the partner products ranging from bathroom with Stocco and New Line, the living room and bedroom with Nube, Fabricatore, design lights with Zeroombra, vertical gardens and stabilized green with Ars Nova, outdoor with B-Line. Within this space, you can also see the kitchen space equipped entirely by KitchenAid range products. Also in the living room you can admire the beautiful table Plectrum signed Boffetto, new brand with a showroom in via Borgogna Milano.

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Ars Nova
DeSign Project
Essenza nel Design
New Line
NUBE di Nicoli A & C snc


Cristina Oriani

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Exhibition - The first italian bed&show open the door
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Exhibition - The first italian bed&show open the door
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Exhibition - The first italian bed&show open the door
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