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April 2017

Gemanco Design: your ultimate source for creative and stylish walls

Gemanco Design represents a new revolutionary way of interior design decoration.

Gemanco Design is an Italian company, specialized in interior design decoration, offering innovative products - such as personalized resin-made  mosaics,  custom-made wallpaper, decoration of different kind of surfaces with UV printing - to help you make living  or commercial spaces unique and original by giving them a  creative touch.

The possibilities are endless, the opportunities are literally around every corner, and the creative potential will tempt the imaginations of architects, interior designers, marketing and brand professionals.
Whether you are looking for an extreme makeover or a small decor improvement Gemanco Design can help you achieve these goals.

From cafés, bars and restaurants to high-street retail stores, hotels, hospitals, large corporations and museums … the market and the creative possibilities with Gemanco Design are as wide as they are varied.

You can make your wall the way you want it, with the image you like, at the size you need, with the material you prefer. Sometimes you can't just find  the right design already made or you have the inspiration but not the tools to make it happen. Gemanco Design prides itself on making every project possible.


Classic mosaic never offered such endless possibilities as the resin-made mosaic do in all directions.

Gemanco Design Resin Mosaic tiles are the result of combining digital printing and top-quality transparent resin for the reproduction of any picture, photography, design or color.

Extremely durable, our resin mosaic can be wrapped around corners or poles. Its naturally glossy but can be also opaque finish or transparent allowing it to be backlit. It can be  applied to any surface: Walls, Doors, Ceilings, Furniture, Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets, Windows, Mirrors, Tiles, Wooden Panels, MDF Boards and much more!


Low in thickness (2.0 mil thick); light weight (1,2 kg per sqm); customizable; Outdoor resistant; Flexible; Easy to apply; Easy to maintain. 


We firmly believe that any material, even the poorest, can be made special.  

Ceramic or marble tiles, fine porcelain stoneware or wooden surfaces, glass or any other material can be decorated using the UV (ultra violet) printing technique that embellishes and sets off the beauty of the materials. 

UV printed designs can even be raised to create extraordinary tactile effects that can also be used for special purposes (eg Braille). 


Customized wallpaper is a simple but high-impact solution.  

Any photographic or painting image can be printed in digital format and then converted into splendid wallpapers.

It is possible to choose among a variety of images either selected from Gemanco Design collection or furnished by the costumer.

To avoid any material wastage, the exact size required is already cut and ready for use. 

Your projects deserve to be unique and original: let your mind go ad Gemanco Design will follow! 

For more inspiration visit our gallery.




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Sito Web: www.gemancodesign.it

Email: r.ripani@gemancodesign.it

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