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April 2017

The first “Ceramic Laboratory” in the heart of Brera

The CIELO Showroom is located at Via Pontaccio no. 6 in Milan, in the center of Brera. It is the first single-brand showroom of CIELO, a company whose constant pursuit of stylishness and an innovative approach in the choice of forms and materials, has given rise to exclusive collections of sanitary wares, washbasins, shower trays,  bath tubs and urinals that have revolutionized the concept of bathroom ceramics.

A real “Ceramics Laboratory,” the CIELO SHOWROOM sets itself in a refined, design ambience, the stage for new trends in bathroom furnishings, where thecompany offers its visitors exclusiveness of shapes, dimensions, thicknesses, surfaces and colours that have made the brand’s collections unique in the market.


The dynamic location’s installation is in continual development and constant renewal, where visitors can have a first-hand view of the quality of CIELO’s collections. The new installation design, created by Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano, CIELO’s Art Director, drew inspiration from the theme of color and material. The layout was studied in minimum details to highlight at best the products displayed, within a facility where the undisputed protagonist is ceramics. This material, molded by the skillful hands of CIELO’s craftsmen, comes alive in unique items for its design, beauty and quality. The showroom encloses “bathroom areas” furnished with the latest items of the Company. Here the collections, Le Giare, Catini, Narciso and Arcadia, are enhanced by the decorations of the walls that repeat the nuances of the exclusive range of “Terre di CIELO” finishings, in a smart play of colours that recall and contrast with one another.


The CIELO SHOWROOM is not just a display point, but an experiential path that gathers the Company’s bests. It is a cozy place where consumers, project artists and interior designers can find inspiration for their projects. One of the strengths of the brand, in fact, is represented by the capacity to offer the total customization of the product. Within the production process, we find a highly specialized line where people control, refinish and wherever requested, decorate each single piece by hand. The careful and meticulous workmanship allows the Company to respond to the challenges posed by the most ambitious project contracts as testified to by the highly prestigious supplies CIELO markets worldwide.


The showroom exudes the artisanal spirit of the “Made in Italy” trademark. At the base of each collection, therefore, we find the “CIELO handmade in Italy” logo, which clearly and effectively summarizes a strategy imbued with the value of handicrafts in Italy. This logo is the perfect expression of a manufacturing tradition able to develop in the encounter with most innovative technologies and design. 


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