HI-TECH TO SLEEP BETTER - FuoriSalone 2017


Galleria Cattai
Via Brera, 11

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April 2017

For the first time at Fuorisalone and with an event entirely dedicated, Morfeus presents the collection of sleeping systems FLUXAIR, designed by PININFARINA.
  The context will be an art gallery on Brera street, in the heart of the Design District.
Such evocative and preciuos space is the backdrop where the collection FLUXAIR signed by Pininfarina becomes the real protagonist. The hi-tech sleeping systems of which the collection is composed, represent the very essence of GOOD REST and SUPERIOR WELL-BEING.
  The name of the event, HI-TECH TO SLEEP BETTER, summarized what the concept of the new collection of sleeping systems FLUXAIR actually is.
  Thanks to the highly developed materials consumed in the production, the sleeping systems FLUXAIR are able to keep the regenerating process running throughout sleep; promote the development of anti-oxidants in the body, helping to combat ageing; keep the temperature constant in any climate condition; improve blood circulation, thun ensuring an effective action on cardiovascular prevention.
  FLUXAIR: innovative materials and Pininfarina Top Design as ambassadors for Hi-Tech sleep made in Italy.
  A special sinergy of research and design by Pininfarina, where innovation and the manifacturing expertize of Morfeus are combined together, has made it possible to create the FluxAir collection of mattresses and hi-tech sleep systems. These products are always on the leading edge, setting new stardards and promoting excellence as ambassadors for italian style the world ever.

Concept e set-up: Roberto Semprini



Paolo Pininfarina

4 Tuesday
18:00 - 20:00
Press preview
18:00 - 20:00
Presentation - Inauguration with Paolo Pininfarina
5 Wednesday
18:00 - 20:00
6 Thursday
7 Friday
8 Saturday
9 Sunday
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