Isola Design District | Tessuti in Cucina at Mobilificio Buraschi


Mobilificio Buraschi
Piazzale Archinto, 6

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April 2017

Within Isola Design District

The accuracy of design methods and after sales services are the main characteristics of Mobilificio Buraschi, a company operating for over 40 years in the furniture sector, able to keep up with the times, reinventing the way people experience living spaces and consequently the way of furnishing.

During Isola Design District, Mobilificio will be doing an exhibition "Tessuti in cucina" in collaboration with Tele e Visioni, scheduled for April 6th on Piazza Minniti, 6.

Tele e Visioni is a start up which offers its creativity combined with a solid technical expertise to develop unique fabrics with an almost infinite range of pattern variations and a rich palette of colours and the extremely low minimum order. All tissues and the whole production process by Tele e Visioni are Italian and guarantee the high quality of the product.

Tele e Visioni is sponsor of Isola Design District, all informative flags outside the locations of Isola Design District have been realized by the start up.


Tele e Visioni



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Party / cocktail - Cocktail Party at Mobilificio Buraschi
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