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Laboratorio Cavallero
Via Palermo, 11

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April 2017

A fine everyday living

We need to enter a courtyard in Via Palermo, in the heart of the more working-class area of Brera,
to discover the special location in which Noorth has chosen to introduce itself to a very large audience of professionals and (above all) non-professionals, who will gather in the city’s streets from 4 to 9 April.
Noorth’s choice can be seen as a countertrend, since, due to the alternation of trade fair events, this year it will be the turn of Euroluce. But deadlines do not matter that much, since, for Noorth, the most important thing is to introduce its original concept of the bathroom environment at a time when Milan is becoming a leading centre for international creativity and projects. The high brick vaults of what for centuries used to be a large ice house will therefore welcome the debut of the brand at Fuorisalone 2017. A secluded but also evocative location to get to see and discover the two brand new lines of Noorth, created in cooperation with studio Lievore Altherr; on this occasion, an essential setting will be arranged, so that the various elements of the collections can present themselves directly, which will be organised according to their distinctive architectural ratios.
Two environments will be created in order to allow for different interpretations of the collections:a wider area for the Azuma collection, and a cosy and rather intimate setting for that of Roma.


04/08 Aprile - 10:00 / 21:00
evento 04 Aprile - 18:00 / 21:00 

Sito Web: http://noorth.it/

Email: marketing@milldue.it

4 Tuesday
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18:00 - 21:00
Party / cocktail - A fine everyday living
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