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Superstudio Più | SuperDesign Show
via Tortona, 27

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April 2017

Slalom between the new authors of international design, 40 Designers for 40 proposals

It all starts from the awareness that the web is the new hub collecting every kind of creatives and many of them with a strong potential. Who are they? What do they think? Where do they live and how to get to know them? The response of Superstudio comes with an online invitation to participate to DISCOVERING PEOPLE&STORIES collective exhibition where with just one significant project they can present themselves on the international design scene with direct contact with the operators. One of the top names of design like Alessandro Guerriero, protagonist of the revolution of Alchimia, offers its little-men sculptures in reinforcing steel as “presenters” of each object. In the centre of the scene is a large table by Guerriero with 300 handmade wood flowers created on the basis of his project by the disabled people of “Sacra Famiglia” and proposed to the public with an offer in favour of the Association that hosts and takes care of them.

Discovering will benefit from special visibility on eBay, partner of the project that will provide to designers the opportunity to join the digital market and overtake Italian boarders through a dedicated section where the project and their stories will be narrated and their objects will be put on sale. Visit the page: link available soon.


PARTICIPANTS: Begum Cemiloglu and Ekin Varon for 15WestStudio, Alessandro Mattia and Gloria Gianatti, Ilaria Alessandria, Gabriello Anselmi, Juan Carlos Baumgartner, Manuela Bucci, Alessandro Campesi, Mauro Cellana, Alessandro Ciffo, Alberto del Grosso, Armando Femiano for Furot Design, Marita and Frida Francescon, Matteo Greco, Ombretta Iardino, Nilufer Kozikoglu for Urban Atolye, Kusaki Yoshihiro, Marian Lassak, Beat Lippert, Salvatore Longo, Marco Maccagnan, Cristina Marsan, Francesco Murano, Giuliano Muzzi, Michele Perlini, Bruno Petronzi, Sophie Rama, Riccardo Randi, Gennaro Rossi, Virginija Sadaunyke, Lorenzo Santoro, Elisa Palladinelli and Alessandra Cinti for Sèa Design, Giulia and Elena Sella for DesignByGemini, Small Architecture, Alessandro Sperduti and Mattia Brambilla for Thinker, Stylezato, The GAHAN Project, Laura Tolfo for ANIMAdVERTE, Simon Young, Tonis Vellama, Michele Volpi for Design@Design Company.




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