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April 2016

Objects and concepts tell a multi experiential journey made of research, experimentation and creativity.

“She knew she had but to open her eyes again and all would change to the dull reality of adults, with no imagination”.


Some dreams are profoundly real places, sincere expressions of the creativity and passion that only the human soul can convey. The interpretation in these cases is to be sought not only in what is presented, but also in the way it comes about. So follow the White Rabbit. The time measured by your clocks will magically disappear as soon as you cross the threshold of number 9, Piazza XXV April, Milan.

Open your eyes wide and let them run over the immense sea of marvels, about to be presented by MULTIPLE [ricerche], the exhibition concept devised by Patrizia Boscherini (owner of the Douuod brand) and Davide Mariani (owner of the All’Origine brand). Before you is a warehouse of experiences we have lived and wishes come true, designed by the skilful hands of craft poets in an enchanting combination of ideas, colours, shapes and gestures.

During the week of Fuorisalone, MULTIPLE [ricerche] offers to show you the designs and products of 11 brands, to tell you about the creativity of as many professionals, who love and believe in what they do, and above all to acquaint you with design made up of intelligent, brilliant and original solutions, where the poetry aims to combine the functional with soul, heart and passion. This is the affinity that brings together a group of creative artisans who work not only with their hands but also with emotions guided by an imagination that fulfils a very important wish: to live in a world able to transform and renew itself, making us dream every time and without ever crystallising into a sterile, pre-established form.

In the Milan of the 1800s this space, nowadays a showroom for the STRATEGIA Shoes brand, was an old hardware store with an area of 300 sq.m. Today, in the 21st century, it is host, stage and co-protagonist to this dreamlike representation, a place that accompanies and enhances the exhibition with its skylights and wooden beams and its floors that have been trodden thousands of times over the centuries.



Cartotecnica Rossi
Minari Buxus
Res Naturae


Francesco Ballestrazzi
Silvia Ghirelli
Elena Iachi
Andrea Merendi


da martedì a sabato dalle 10 alle 22 
domenica dalle 10 alle 20

Sito Web: strategiajfk.it

Email: davide@allorigine.it

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