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April 2016

Arras: visual masterpieces of textile art obtained through a secret plot of optical fiber strands within hand-painted fabrics.

Angela Florio, is a contemporary decorator, and on the occasion of the Milan Design Week exposes at the Alberto Levi Gallery her latest work related to her Arràs project: true masterpieces of textile art obtained through a secret interlace of optical fibers hidden within a hand painted textile surface, following a contemporary interpretation of the Medieval tapestry tradition. Her show will consist of three works:

Foglie, where the fabric is first painted with a golden dust similar to the fine Japanese Urushi lacquers,

Meduse da Mare, the first interactive tapestry designed with a special ITS Into The Space System: which makes it responsive to external sources such as light and sound, a new way of living Arras, through the interaction between the viewer and the work. The position of the visitor decides, by means of sensors, the response of light and sound from different intensities.

and the Trittico della Chiesa de la Salute di Venezia, an homage of the artist to her native city, installed within three niches located in the historical courtyard of the gallery. In this site-specific installation the visitor will witness a show embodying that unique twinkling of light characteristic of Venetian landscape painting, obtained through the careful overlaying of textiles of different tonalities, together with optical fibers and painted surfaces inspired by Japanese lacquers.

The opening of the exhibition is Wednesday, April 13 from 18:00 to 22:00 at the Alberto Levi Gallery's  Via San Maurilio, 24.

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Federica Fabbri

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12 Tuesday
13 Wednesday
18:00 - 22:00
Exhibition - The opening of the exhibition is Wednesday, April 13 from 18:00 to 22:00 @Alberto Levi Gallery's Via San Maurilio, 24.
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