MORET FuoriSalone 2016


Ventura Lambrate (Ventura 15)
Via Giovanni Ventura, 15

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April 2016

Moret presents the line Historical Intepretations with the models Phénix and Ducal by the creative design studio Moret and the collection Vague Dreams that was designed by the French-Californian artist Scarlett Rouge.

If at the Salone del Mobile of Milan it is possible to get to know the substance and the poetry behind the work by Moret, in order to discover its entire versatility through the precious variation of the samples exposed, two new models Phénix and Ducal  part of the Historical Interpretation line, designed by the creative studio Moret and the collection Vague Dreams which was designed by the French-Californian artist Scarlett Rouge, can be admired in the Milanese showroom.

The Historical Interpretations line was born from the reconsideration of historical patterns in a contemporary key. The models Phénix and Ducal  look back at the prestigious manufacture of Savonnerie carpets which were woven either with the technique of tapestry or knotted with a Turkish knot, which started being used in the Seventeenth Century in Paris in a disused soap factory, from which comes, in fact, the name savon, French for soap. 

Those were very precious carpets that were realised in wool with naturalistic designs and inspired by mythology; they were the fine French interpretation of oriental carpets. 

They were specifically made for palaces such as Versailles and the Palais du Louvre for a long period of time. Louis XIV, the Sun King himself, commissioned a production that was dedicated to the almost five hundred meters length of the Great Gallery at the Louvre. The production was less appreciated during the Revolution, but it gained value again during the Empire, when great Savonnerie pieces were produced for the Tuileries Palace. 

Phénix and Ducal  by Moret are a cultural homage to the historical models: they recapture a few naturalistic designs but with a more rarefied solution, made more precious by pure silk yarn. 

The carpets either have a daring character because of the use of the colour purple combined with golden yellow or have a fine choice of tonalities of pale white, beige and grey, in an interpretation that is respectful of the past but is innovative at the same time. 

The collection Vague Dreams, designed by Scarlett Rouge, was realised for the VIP lounge curated by Maurizio Vetrungo at the latest edition of Artissima, known art fair in Turin, and was transformed into an actual installation bearing the provocative title Opium Den. It was an eclectic space, the floor of which was covered by Moret carpets made in virgin wool and viscose, which were designed for the occasion by the artist.

In the Wind Chime carpet the drawings by Scarlett Rouge, in cream and black, emerge delicately on a fine antique-pink. In Taurino and Weeping Willow opium poppies in various pink, red and green tonalities on a beige background, frame references to the history of Turin and classic icons are recognisable by their grey and black strokes. 






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