There are 12 towns in Noninarras and to get their keys you have to enter the room where the maps are and try to decipher them.
In the room one enters in silence, one passes light, one flies, one prays, one loves.
You travel with thought: it is the fastest way of all.

On the occasion of the Fuorisalone 2019, Saba collaborates again with the Sardinian designer, Antonio Marras, who presents the project “Perdersi a Eudossia” in his Milanese atelier. The project is inspired by the book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino.
There are 12 cities in NonostanteMarras and to obtain their keys you have to enter the room with maps and try to decipher the signs, clues, references, indications and codes. One enters the room in complete silence with soft steps. You fly, you pray, you love. You travel with thought: it’s the fastest way.
It takes a clear mind and determination to explore these cities and for this very reason there are sofas, armchairs and poufs dotted around the space to regain strength and energy. The seating is diverse: big, small, multi-forms, multi-functional, rectangular, square, round, with tubed and squared cushions.
They are in colours of the city of joy and some are in melancholic hues. There are prints in abundance: jacquards, damasks, florals, checks, polka dots and pied-de-poule - put together in complementary and contrasting combinations.

Voyage, Limes New, Baby Geo… The very names of the new collection that Saba presents at NonostanteMarras are an invitation to go on a journey beyond the conventions of predefined space. “ Abito “ dress in Italian like “ Abitare” which means to live are the visible expressions of a part of our personality which is unshakeable in its very nature. Saba and Marras take you through a journey around the very concept of living, a free territory in which we are engaged in a continuous dialogue.
Part of the collection features a limited edition “couture” collection of sofas and armchairs made from meticulous tailoring techniques using the designer’s exquisite textiles archive and two prints created exclusively for Saba and printed on eco-fur.

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April, Tuesday 9th - Sunday 14th
From 10am to 8pm
Via Cola di Rienza, 8 

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