Elemental exhibition

Relaxing exhibition inspired from the prosaic, elemental nature with natural materials

For our latest collection of work, debuting at Milan Design Week this year, we have taken inspiration from the prosaic, elemental nature of some of our favourite materials. The resulting pieces are an expression of how sometimes the simplest yet most thoughtful manipulation of stone, wood, metal and leather can create something erudite and powerful.
These pieces are about purity of shape and form, with nothing superfluous added. Subtlety is everything.

The debut of these pieces at Milan this year is apposite. For some time we have been fascinated by the history of stonemasonry in Italy, specifically in the region around
Val Camonica, one of the largest valleys in the central Alps. For over 100 years this has been home to Moncini, the stonemasons that we collaborated with on a range of new benches and tables, rooted in traditions that go back generations, but executed in a totally contemporary way.

As always, “craftsman modern” was our overriding philosophy for all of this new work. Most of these pieces appear simple, but they are the result of painstaking study and evaluation. Every effort was made to preserve the inherent beauty of the materials we used. In some cases, the shapes look more ancient than timeless, as if they may have been excavated from Val Camonica. At the same time, they are wholly contemporary.

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