How art can break the traditional image of the legal and consulting offices

Chi Cosa Come presents the Daniele Tozzi’s live performance “ArteMobile”.

The offices of the Studio will become the painting where the Roman artist will create a piece of art that will completely surround the viewer. The big wardrobes of the main room will be transformed into underground stations, running towards an end of line created by using the calligram technique. During this path, the components for a complete and efficient business management will be disclosed, but above all, through the artistic intervention, Chi Cosa Come put itself up to break the traditional image of the legal and consulting offices, giving its employees a "state-of-the-art" workplace.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fuorisalone 2019 to discover how the art can fit into work spaces, making them not only more enjoyable, but above all making furniture the absolute protagonists, from mere spectators of the daily work activities to tools capable of improving the liveability of environments.

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