Food Design Stories Food Design Stories presents a selection of emerging brands Made in Italy Self-produced around the table world.

9 al 14 aprile 2019 
[ Concept    |    Comunication    |    Artistic Direction   by Caterina Misuraca_Sandra Faggiano ]

The Florist in the clouds ...
Ready to experience the most magical Fuorisalone2019 experience? In the heart of the Brera District, at the Fioraio Bianchi Caffè, the exhibition Food Design Stories, a journey "through the clouds" made up of stories related to the world of the table, with objects made by young and talented emerging Italian designers. Ten brands selected, for a corpus of wonderful objects that will compose LA TAVOLA DELLE MERAVIGLIE by Food Design Stories telling small, large and exciting stories of contemporary self-produced and Made in Italy design.
IL FIORAIO "BETWEEN THE CLOUDS" will therefore be an enchanted treasure chest of material and immaterial things declined among the flowers of the mythical Café among the most famous of Brera, which will join the magical ESSENCE of Fioraio Bianchi Caffè dishes that at any time of the year, makes those who choose it dream.

#FDS is a conceptual and physical space of stories, it is a journey through the flavors of our memories, with a particular focus on new kitchen and table accessories designed by contemporary designers. All self-produced creations with highly original concepts. A story. MANY STORIES linked to the world of food, of the table, of design.
Food Design Stories is a project by Sandra Faggiano Architect and Caterina Misuraca Comunicazione, is an event-experience: where the THINGS on show have a soul, they have an essence that goes beyond the matter.

Carta da Zucchero;  Espi Design; Mancuso Design Lab; Tramare; Massimo Maci; Pamela Larocca; M’I lumina; Farifa; Gianfranco Conte.  In collaborazione con 13RICREA. 
ART DIRECTION: Sandra Faggiano Architetto: “nuvole” in inedito materiale sperimentale e rivestite in Porocret di Cement Design. 

Special Project

For Fuorisalone2019 Food Design Stories select 3 projects: 400Gon "Ciabattino"; Daniele Baglioni Bello  - "Recipe Board"; AimoDesign "Folha".

The Food Design Stories event is completed by a wonderful store area in Via de Amicis 45 from Kitchen Milano. During the Fuorisalone2019 and for the duration of two months the Food Design Stories sales corner will be inaugurated, enriched by an event calendar that will offer tastings and the live story of the "stories" of the creative protagonists. A magical journey, declined in several episodes, on the TABLE OF CONTEMPORARY WONDERS selected by Food Design Stories. Kitchen Milan, in via De Amicis 45, a cult store in Milan with a very high selection of design objects related to the world of cuisine and the table, renews the collaboration with Food Design Stories for Fuorisalone2019, which began last year. During the next design week and for all the two months, KitchenMilano will host a vernissage cycle with the presentation of the leading designers.
In collaboration with the Spanish company Cement Design (leader in the realization of eco-cement coverings), the Food Design Stories project for FUORISALONE2019 triples through the presentation of the CONTEST “The Cement Table”. During the Design Week 2019 in fact at the Cement Design showroom in via Solferino 42 will be presented the ideas of selected designers, designers and creatives who have joined in recent months to call for the creation of an original food tray made with the eco-cement Madrid company. During the Fuorisalone2019 the selected prototypes will be presented and the winners will be awarded by the Expert Jury chaired by the architect, interior and exhibit designer Fabio Daglio. The contest had a strong consensus calling for the

- Tuesday 9 April 6.00 pm Food Design Stories - Clouds in the Kitchen ... at KITCHEN MILANO in via De Amicis 45 - meeting with designers, journalists, bloggers. - Thursday 11 April from 10 to 11.30 Food Design Stories - A coffee in the clouds ... at FIORAIO BIANCHI CAFFE 'in Via Montebello 7 - meeting with designers, journalists and bloggers. - Saturday, April 13, 6.00 pm Food Design Stories - The Cement Table ... at CEMENT DESIGN showroom in via Solferino 42 - Contest awarding THE CEMENT TABLE - participants of the competition will be present. Announcement of the winners by the Jury of Experts chaired by the architect, interior and exhibit designer



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