KE Outdoor Design at Fuorisalone 2019


9-14 April 2019

KE asa key player of innovation; the company will be present in some of the key locations, in which a selection of the company’s flagship products will be featured.

From April 8th to 14th, Milan is opening the doors of its Design Week to the world.

The Salone and Fuorisalone del Mobile week is the period in which the city and its famous “districts” come to life through events and installations; all of them are led by a common thread – design.


In this edition, dedicated to light and illumination, KE becomes the bearer of innovation; they will be present in some of the key locations, in which a selection of the company’s flagship products will be featured.


In cooperation with Scalise Costruzioni, a Gennius Isola 3 pergola will be placed in via Adige 6; it is a perfect outdoor furnishing accessory, thanks to its integrated dimmable lighting system – which is the ideal to create appealing evening atmospheres.


Furthermore, Arch. Fabio Rotella chose the bioclimatic pergola Kedry Prime for his event “IN_OUT Wellbeing in Outdoor”, at CityLife District: this project is meant to develop a creative hub dedicated to the outdoor world, in which the topic of sustainability will play a central role. In fact, Kedry Prime, during winter, can limit heat losses and allow a better control on internal temperatures; during summer, it can optimize the effect of sunlight and contribute in reducing overheating – with less use of air conditioners.


The Kolibrie sail, due to its refined elegance and to the quality of its materials, was chosen to shade the inner courtyard of Gessi’s showroom, located in via Manzoni 16/A – it is a leading company in the field of design taps and fittings, which shares with KE the Made-in-Italy values and a constant commitment to technological and aesthetic research.


Kolibrie will also be the main character at Casa Facile Design Lab, in Gae Aulenti sq. – “Easy Home, Easy Life!” is focused on hospitality with a co-living, co-working project, in which the outdoor space is synonymous with well-being.


KE Outdoor Design

Fuorisalone 2019 - Locations:


Location: via Manzoni 16/A

Product: Sails


Location: via Adige 6

Product: Isola 3


Location: palazzo COIMA, Gae Aulenti sq. 12

Product: 4 Kolibrie 320x320


IN-OUT Wellbeing in Outdoor
Location: CityLife District

Product: Kedry Prime

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KE Outdoor Design

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