Яevolution ArchStudio_ЯO Collection-China Route 

The new ЯO Collection by Яevolution ArchStudio takes us on a journey through the Orient, travelling on a route that visually crosses China, among ancient cultures and landscape with timeless atmospheres and new urban skylines, between soil and asphalt, rice fields and spice markets, running through Sichuan and the forbidden City, all the way to contradictory and hi-tech Hong Kong.

Roberto Bellantoni, architect and designer as well as founder of the brand, has succeeded in developing these new furnishing proposals thanks to his very particular design method. In his continuous search for new elements to decodify on his journeys, he traces an ideal line between past and present and identifies the perfect point of encounter between tradition and modernity in the soul of each piece (small villages, Technicolor signs, crowded marketplaces with intense fragrances, multimedia human relations, thousand-year-old traditions, slender skyscrapers in Hong Kong, memories of a highly contradictory civilization).

While the mood of the 2018 collection was a “journey” to Africa, among nomadism and camp furniture, in 2019 the journey continues, in a reinterpretation of formal purity and emotional power with evocative shapes, which are interiorized in the casual encounters of oriental explorations, with the softness of neutral tones matched to an explosion of colours “stolen” from the Forbidden City.


The installation in the exhibition space RevolutionLab guides the visitor through each room in a multimedia itinerary which gradually reveals the design suggestions, with the aim of welcoming him inside an apartment in Hong Kong: elegant and sophisticated, like the last stage on a long trip where your suitcases were gradually filled with more and more ideas that now crowd those rooms.


The common denominator of the new ЯO collection is the choice of precious materials such as brass, onyx, briarwood, leather, parchments, velvet, mixed with each other in a perfect balance between functionality and emotion.


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Roberto Bellantoni

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