Enrico Della Torre, Pencils from 1960 to recent years

On Wednesday 10th April at 18:30 pm, on the occasion of the Milan Design Week, A&A Law Firm and Cristina Moregola’s photo gallery are proud to introduce Enrico Della Torre’s Exhibition, called “Pencils from 1960 to recent years”.

Through a selection of small and medium size artworks realized since 1960’s, the aim of this exhibition is to go through Della Torre’s painting vision that Paul Klee used to define “The images’ primary energies that mold the shape”.

By shape's changing, the artist leads us to see how each own part is linked to the whole universe. The artist, by using a floating language, represents on his papers not only what is visible to the eye but also feelings.

The continuous and tireless observation of nature and its infinite changes, leads the artist to deep and intimate narratives in which everyone can recognize themselves.

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Presentation - Opening solo show Enrico Della Torre, Pastelli - Dal 1960 agli anni recenti
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