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April 2018

Interior Architecture students show what HEAD means to them

The IN MY HEAD exhibition invites the audience into a 250-square metre wonderland entirely dedicated to HEAD – Genève, providing insight into the world of the people who work and study at the Geneva School of Art and Design through an immersive maze of rooms. The heart of the exhibition features the personal perspectives of twenty students from the Department of Interior Architecture. These are displayed in individual spaces and expressed through installations. What does HEAD mean to them? What experiences, dreams and aspirations do they seek to share?

An unusual gate will adorn the front façade of the beautiful palazzo that will host IN MY HEAD in the heart of the Brera district from 17 to 21 April 2018 during the Salone internazionale del Mobile di Milano. The gate, a small-scale model of the door of HEAD’s most emblematic building in Geneva, gives Milan’s visitors a first taste of the school and signifies its “landing” in the city.

Introducing the school in fun and intriguing ways, eleven installations take visitors through the creative world of students from various departments of HEAD – Genève. Creativity is a complex and multi-faceted thing which is expressed in a variety of ways. It  actually becomes tangible and showcases the ingredients that helped turn an idea into a live project.

Visitors will also walk through a sort of wonder cabinet representing the school in its broad diversity through a collection of objects that display sculptural treasures captured during the creativity process in the school’s life.

HEAD is a school that helps define and assert students’ identity in the world of art and design. In a first room a sound installation aims to reproduce the atmosphere of the institution through the daily sounds of its workshops and various departments.

HEAD is also a place where students confront their fears, doubts and difficulties. HEAD is a place where students are judged, where they open themselves to the criticism of others. How does one feel about this judgement? How does one deal with one’s fears and doubts? How does one manage these emotions? One of the installations shows this reality of art schools through the emotions of students.

Another room shows you HEAD through the eyes of an exchange student from Quebec. The immersive video installation shows a personal reflection on the student’s stay in Switzerland over a period of six months.  

Further on, an installation explores the collaboration between different departments, with another project resulting from the joint effort of HEAD’s fashion designers and interior architects. Indeed, through notions of “protective layers”, envelopes, geometric forms and textures, and even of general aesthetics, one can establish a functional link between fashion design and architecture: both create space and volume.

With the IN MY HEAD exhibition, Interior Architecture students take visitors on a journey, showcasing how encounters with other students and experienced designers fuel their inspiration and how the school’s exciting environment pushes their imagination to the limits, and beyond.

This exhibition was produced by the Department of Interior Architecture under the direction of Simon Husslein, with the assistance of Wendy Gaze and Aurélie Monet Kasisi.

Students of the Bachelor in Interior Architecture taking part in the exhibition:

Marine Evrard, Morgane Roth, Kishan Asensio, Oriane Rajaonarivo, Laure Christinat, Thalia De Monte, Sara Cooper, Mark Viray, Saara Karvonen, Gabrielle Marois, Sophie Berardo, Cloé Gyssler, Manon Le Pezennec, Victor Duterme, Marie Torrione, Roxana Cucu, Dylan Peruffo, Clara Souche, Deborah Zancanaro, Mounira Mokhtar

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HEAD- Genève Graduates

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