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April 2018

Presentation of the project Lungomare with Diego Chilò

2018 is an important year for Carlo Moretti, an year which combines history and tradition, always present in every single piece created by the "factory of originals", with the modernity and the desire for renewal. Founded in 1958, Carlo Moretti celebrates this year 60 years of majestic creations that are always unique and contemporary, never left to chance. In a unique and original context, which is the Robertaebasta Art Gallery in Brera in the heart of Milan, the new Object and Light collections are hosted, which also this time aim to represent the non-seriality and uniqueness represented manually by the master glassmakers of the historical Murano company. Lungomare is the new light project Carlo Moretti created with the designer Diego Chilò in a synergistic collaboration with the masters within the "factory of originals", which thanks to their unique knowledge and gestures make every single object unique. As the designer says "... this new collection looks astonishing as the light of the venetian Lungomare in a clear spring evening". The research leads to decorative light that recalls the warmth and pleasure of conviviality. Lungomare is a collection of three mouth-blown glass suspensions in the pastel colors of spring and some metal details that complete the shapes.
The light sources are rigorously LEd for a pleasant and environmentally friendly light. With a power of 15w we can achieve the same luminous flux of 100w for an incandescent lamp.
In addition, each suspension is equipped with a dimmable light with the possibility of interfaces with most home automation systems.
The three suspensions are simply named A, B and C:
A, two triangular yellow lemon and milk white cones divided by a round plate share the respective transparencies of light and color. Dimensions 45x35 cm (17.7''x13.7 '').
B, an important teal green bell in paste illuminated by the purity of milky glass.
Dimensions 42x32 cm (16.5 '' x 12.5 '').
C, orange plate in paste on the top of a sphere full of light. Dimensions 42x45cm (16.5 '' x 18 '')
The wire cable of each suspension is fixed but adjustable at the request of the customer.
In addition to the Lungomare collection is added the Cilla CGD lamp, whose original design of 1993 is presented again in the intermediate measure in a unique variant: external cylinder hot decorated with vertical milk white glass rods and wrapped by a transparent red horizontal band, inside a satin diffuser to attenuate the light and all set in a wooden base that make it an object ethereal and impressive at the same time.
The presentation of the new collections is completed by:
- The new series of Bora and I Diversi glasses, new in colors and decorations created with the use of colored glass rods individually positioned in an elegantly disordered manner.
- The collection of 2018 Calici da Collezione, individually numbered and always offered in 33 limited series.
- The new I Piccoli series vases, with decorations and shapes that create a connection between the tradition of the processes of the Carlo Moretti Masters and the laser processing technologies: Penta in the colors of black and yellow, Popup in the original cage shape and decorated with milky and light blue brush strokes.
To crown this event is the re-edition of the historical piece by Carlo Moretti "Quattro Venti", for the first time presented in 1990 and on the occasion of the 60th anniversary presented again in three unique pieces in three different colors.

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Presentation - Founded in 1958, Carlo Moretti celebrates this year the 60th anniversary of his magical "factory of originals".
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