La Scena, French company entirely dedicated to design and creation of innovative objects and services related to the world of wine & spirits, chose the Milan Design Week to present its collection of wine displays in the restaurant Filippo La Mantia Oste e Cuoco (Piazza Risorgimento, 2/A).

“Let bottles talk!”, the title of the event, which will be presented in the famous Milanese restaurant, introduces the essence of the designed pieces themselves.

They are transparent Scenes inspired by the original Bordeaux six bottles wooden box, reinventing the codes from tradition and innovation.

Jean-Michel Marle (founder of the company La Scena, Bordeaux, France -, designed the first project in 2014, when he was the managing director of three Wine estates in Bordeaux - Médoc. He was looking for a new element of domestic furniture, to shape the ultimate beauty of his bottles in a transparent vision.

"La Scena" is conceived as an innovative object that reveals and glorifies the wine and spirits bottles, she comes as a new symbol of contemporary smart design, handcrafted piece dedicated to all spaces, from cellars to shops, from restaurants to hotels and interiors, inspiring new luxury for new times.

After a long and fine conception, La Scena creations are ready to invade the market ; Milan Design Week 2017 coming as the perfect place for their first international display.

From April 4th to 9th, the restaurant Filippo La Mantia Oste e Cuoco will host La Scena range of products in its lounge - ground floor, in a pure prestige presentation … revealing wine bottles as stars in their transparent Scene.

The Milanese restaurant embodies here the ideal scenario to highlight La Scena products, to the attention of a passionate public. Spaces in Piazza Risorgimento share with the French company their full design philosophy, in elegance and fascinating transparency.

La Scena shares with Filippo La Mantia the same vision in glorifying wine and food.

The ’”Oste e Cuoco”, as he likes to define himself, describes the cuisine as a relationship that has no to betray and ingredients are essential.
Basil, mint, fresh fennel, eggplant, oranges ... all taste and scents that La Mantia always brings with him, as well his land, memories of childhood, people, and atmospheres.

So the meeting of La Scena with Filippo La Mantia can be summed up in the passionate marriage of the glorified wine and the exaltation of dishes and their ingredients.

Let bottles talk! ... It is when the terroir, the stories, passions and lives enclosed in bottles of wine come to life to meet the terroir, the stories, the passions and the lives present in the dishes.

During the Design Week, from April 4th to 9th, three creations will be presented:

La Scena Original Edition – Grand Cru
La Scena as she was born. A perfect replica of the traditional Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé wooden box, but in all its transparent beauty.
Product description: Case in PMMA - Acrylic glass. UV light resistant and totally transparent. This product is characterized by the original and patented Air Lock System, which lets your bottles "breathe".

The "Prêt à Porter" evolution of original edition. Same features for a light case one bottle, ready to become a pure scenario for a wine.

Born from the exclusive partnership with the Italian company Italesse ®, the new generation of La Scena, product designed in France and made in Italy.
Universal box created to accept different bottle shapes, which can also become a wonderful ice bucket due to a mix of molded and handcrafted production.

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If you are a lover of innovative design, wine and food, this is the event for you, at Filippo La Mantia Oste e Cuoco, conceived as space always open, you can have breakfast, a coffee, a lunch, enjoy the “aperitivo” or dinner, with the opportunity to see these magical creations, so let bottles talk!

The restaurant Filippo La Mantia Oste e Cuoco (Piazza Risorgimento, 2/a) is open from Monday to Friday from 8 to midnight, Saturday from 9 to midnight and Sunday from 9 to 15. Reservation is recommended.

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