"Façades: the skin of the architecture" by Piuarch in Brera

An exhibition and an installation of gardening façades: these are the elements of the Design Week by Piuarch Starting from April 4th, it will be possible to visit the headquarters of the famous architectural studio that in the past 20 years has been designing spectacular façades around the world, from Milan to Seoul. To celebrate the occasion, the inner courtyard of via Palermo 5, will host an imposing natural installation, a unique orchard/ garden from heaven to the earth that will cover the building hosting the Piuarch studio.

The project of the green façade originates from the collaboration with the landscape architect Cornelius Gavril who uses an ancient technique in which cut flowers and plants are implanted on tubers. Made with a constellation of flowers, vegetables and tubers, the facade of the building will be covered by 180 vertical lines of 10 meters high.

Inside the studio, you can visit an exhibition on the formal and conceptual research that Piuarch has dedicated to the theme of the facades in the course of its more than 10 years history. The photo exhibition will be introduced by a works by the artist Mauricio Lupini and will continue with images, drawings, illustrations, prints and models that tell the theme of the facades.

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via Palermo, 5


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